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  • Release date 2020-12-04
  • Version from 2023-09-30
  • Version 1.4b
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    My newest creation...a frontend located in the Toy World scenario.

    Choose the frontend in the "Options" -> "Select Frontend" menu option, after you downloaded and installed the track.

    The Toy World Frontend got a major update!

    • A custom trophy will now show for custom cups (Thx Trixed for the trophy)
    • Carbox stack now also with DreamCast cars.
    • The selected car will be placed on the road, also visible from the main screen.
    • As a bonus there is also a challenging custom cup included: The Sprint Cup!


    For best experience choose a good Semi-Pro car. For more challenge, choose a weak Semi-Pro car, or an Advanced rated car. You for sure can also choose a Pro or a Super-Pro car, but then the cup maybe will be too easy.

    You need the following tracks to play this cup: Grisville, Jailhouse Rock, Quake!, Rooftops 1, School's Out! 1, School's Out! 2, The Great Silence and Venice.

    Latest RVGL release mandatory. (At least 20.1230a)

    Have fun!


    Version 1.4b Changes

    • Updated README (Permissions/Copyright)

2 comments on “Toy-World Frontend

  1. Addition to my previous comment: the answer is “yes”.

    Just take a car you need (lets take Speed Balancer as the example), rename its folder to the one which belongs to DC-car (e.g. tc12) and in Parameters.txt change original folder’s name (e.g. Speed Balancer’s folder is speedbalancer) and rename each speedbalancer to tc12. The last thing to do is to change carbox4.bmp or carbox5.bmp in cars\misc folder in case it matched your replaced car. I’ll send screenshot to Discord.

  2. Is it possible to replace DC cars with custom ones? I mean, I don’t like DC cars because they are just reskins of original cars and would like too see another (made by users) cars instead of those from DC.


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