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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2017-11-05
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    an unique concept never seen on any aero car before

    Rionnesta is an aero car based off Tamiya's Mini 4WD 'Diospada'.
    unlike every other cars, this car uses the rear wheels to steer. if that is not unique enough, the whole rear wing moves in accordance to the steering, making it a 'rear wing steering' driven car.
    the car has sleek super car design combined with F1 aerodynamic designs. the front of the car is of a traditional super car, the rest is a smoothly stylized aerodynamic body.
    mainly colored in orange, it has black line vinyls with white outlines along with carbon fiber markings around the cockpit.

    Rionnesta's performance highlights its unique characteristics of a rear steer drive. it has a controllable understeery handling which emphasizes its rear steering.
    the car has a relatively high speed among pro class cars, beating Toyeca by a small fraction. its handling is quite loose with tight understeer.
    due to the unique steering, the car can easily drive across ice surfaces without spinning out in cost of heavy understeer on ice.
    the acceleration is decently average, which combined with its loose and understeery handling, may prove the car to be sluggish.

    overall, Rionnesta's unique innovative concept of 'rear wing based' rear steering will appeal to racers and creators alike.

    rear wing steering demonstration:

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