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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2018-10-06
  • Version from 2020-04-19
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    the momentum-based swift powerslider

    Sunlighter is a supercar based off Porsche Carrera GT and Assoluto Bisonte from Ridge Racers.
    taking cues from mainstream supercars, the body has a smooth and streamlined design with aerodynamics in mind.
    the paintjob is plain yet attractive with its numerous sponsor decals printed on the body, giving the car a track racer feel.

    this car has a handling style different from the norms, unique to its own.
    the main quirk is powersliding. the car has a wide turning radius with normal steering, requiring powerslides to take tight corners.
    during powerslides, the car wont automatically catch grip on its own. the powerslides are controllable and continuous.
    it is not possible to slow down and grip through corners because of the car's tendency to slide at low speeds.
    while the car has below average top speed, its acceleration is extremely quick to match against other Pro cars.

    the unique aspect of this car is the possibility of continuous powersliding.
    the car can maintain its powerslide indefinitely by holding the throttle while sliding.
    the key to mastering the handling is to figure out on maintaining momentum and combine slides between consecutive corners.

    Skin Credits:
    car2 Shara made the 'Black Sunlighter' skin as an alternative
    car3 Shara made the anime-like itasha 'Dreamlighter' skin
    car4 FZG for the pink 'Aestheteam' skin
    car5 YukesVonFaust for blue '' skin
    car6 Shara adapted the green 'Rocket Pyramid' personal skin
    car7 LDFrizk for red 'Strawberry' skin
    car8 LDFrizk for red 'LDRF' skin
    car9 Zeino for red zebra skin
    cara Shara drawn the orange cartoon-like 'Funkot' skin

    Skins for Sunlighter

    Dawn Star, by Kiwi

1 comment on “Sunlighter

  1. Sunlighter is quite the car – with a few of the skins, like the main oone and it’s black one, this one as mentioned by the description, the inspiration of Ridge Racer is pretty heavy here. Not only you achieved that with some of these skins, apart from the meme-ish ones….the parameters are OUTSTANDING.

    I thought this car was underpowered but it has that FINE BALANCE between competitive and drift fun. Yes, when you want to in the corners, you WILL slide, but you can recover – no problem at all! In fact, this is surprisingly good, despite top speed being a little lower to my taste because drifty car – this still can prove to be an absolute weapon if mastered, thoroughly, for each track.

    Sunlighter is by far, one of your best cars, ever made. it comes close to the Anchory, and that car is drifty, same can be said for the Super Feria. Good stuff! Unfortunately, just like these cars – the AI suffers greatly. Oh well, that’s fine!


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