CHC 305

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  • Based on BLK
  • Release date 2021-12-19
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  • Version 1.0
  • RVW-ID 30616
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    88/100 (21 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Remodel
  • Engine Glow
  • Transmission 4WD
  • Top speed mph
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  • Track length m
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    Class: Semi-Pro
    Transmission: 4WD

    -Log starts

    Toy-Volt™ Body shop & Parts -  Log, Dec 19.

    I knew it! When I was reviewing the last shipment of Rally Spec cars built for that new tourney they are holding at the mountains, there I saw it..

    CHC 305!
    In it's full cocoa colored paintjob: it might as well have been shipped to a candy shop, from how chocolate-y it looked. I must say, it looks great so I'll let this one pass. That cheeky bastard from the designers office... Livingston!
    I'm sure of it, he couldn't hold himself from re-designing the car at the last minute before sending it to the paint assembly line. Well, I must confess, me and the other guys from the body shop did steal some of his hoard of sweets when they were on their break... Anyway, I'll make sure to get one of these cars before they come all dirty from the rally races.

    -Log ends

    About the car:
    This one is a rally tuned sports car inspired by icons like the SLR and Corvette. The artwork/theme is based on the skin "CHC" done by LivingWithGames for the car BLK, we worked together to make it a full new car, based entirely on.. you guessed it! Chocolate.  For example, 305 is the number of the melting point for the chocolate in Kelvin degrees. All in all, I loved the skin when Burner94 showed it to me and so it had to be a new car :)

    Credits to:
    -Model and some details based off Xarc's BLK 
    -Paintjob by LivingWithGames
    -Engine sound "WahWah" off Junker from the ADP Pack
    -Snow sock cover for the backup wheels texture based off Xarc's Mr. Bob
    -Burner94, BloodBTF, MightyCucumber and Paperman for helping me with design choices for the mesh

    This car can be added to any content packs, as long as the parameters stay intact. Contact me if need be.


3 comments on “CHC 305

  1. Car’s dope.

    Living’s done an amazing job with the livery, fancying quite a different color scheme to the vibrant tones he’s used to work with.

    Model and parameters are nice and fun. Sliding around is pleasant. Although, the car does lose control on snowy and icy terrain… …Which kinda breaks the whole point of a rally car, but I digress.

    All in all, really great work by both of you. I’m hoping to see more collabs like this in the future!

  2. Been a while I made part of a project so having my skin in one of your cars was truly an honor so, thanks a lot for that chief. Now that the ratings have been dropped, except for texture since it was made by yours truly, to details:

    The 3D Model actually surprised me, I had no idea how it was gonna look like and when I saw it initially, I was stunned. And then the revisions happened and Iam not going to lie, you did an astonishing job. The same goes for parameters – the car is stable to a degree, but you can make it slide on th corner if you let go of the accelerator. Very fun to drive. As far polish goes – it’s there, I don’t see a flaw with it. I was gonna put 4 stars for the fog lights, but considering the cars in this game are not meant to be super hi-def, I gave it a pass regardless.

    My opinion could be seen as biased, since my skin is there and all – but everything else was all you. One of the more fun cars I used in a long time, so thank you for that.


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