Hot Pops

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    Finally, here it is. Hotrod/chop-top version of Pops with no fenders, a blown V8 and smokestacks. Comes in a variety of skins, all courtesy of FZG - I just made a PSD paintkit and fixed a couple asymmetries. Parameters, hull and carbox by me - again, shoutout to norfair, Skarma and Saffron for hull related stuff.

    Went for a Pro 4WD setup after I got suggested to look into the Ford Double Down featured in the Forza games. It's pretty nose-heavy, so take that into account when jumping and cornering hard. Marginally quicker than a Toyeca, but not as planted. Param feedback provided by ElvenAvenger.

    Skins for Hot Pops

    Sea Pops, by Ced!
    Darwin Coatings Pops, by LivingWithGames

2 comments on “Hot Pops

  1. One of my favorite Pro classes cars, not only because it’s 4WD and easy to control, the parameters are interesting enough that this is easy enough you can still lose control.

    Not only that, it has a bunch of skins to choose your favorite paint scheme for this old toy cars, I’m just a fan of hot rods, even if they are now a thing of the past. Futuristic bullcrap aside, classic cars are just better – end of. You and Ziggy made a masterpiece of this years ago, and still shows.

    Just like Kipy – this thing’s a winner and a keeper.

  2. Well, well. Impressive and interesting. I like most of the skins it has, and the model itself is satisfying.
    Parameters are well made, I really like the wobbly-slippery handling thanks to the extra EngineRatio on the wheels. Reminds me of those Hot Rods I’ve seen back then in real life shows, races etc. With battery it produces the ‘nose-heavy’ effect, but otherwise it is not a problem at all. Fun at its finest.
    Very well made, guys. A keeper for sure.


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