Supermarket 2: Improved AI Nodes

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    Update v1.1: Tweaked racing line in freezer section for forward and reverse. Cars are less likely to clip the inner wall, but still can happen when racing side by side.

    Includes changes to both Normal and Reverse.

    "Improved AI Nodes" is designed to increase the difficulty of CPUs by refining the racing line and fixing key areas that cause cars to crash/spin out. Only AI nodes are touched. CPU performance is also dependent on the level of AI parameter optimization, so the overall challenge depends on what cars are the opponents. These new nodes should provide a moderate challenge for even experienced players. Improved nodes are not fully compatible with multiplayer and will tag the track as "CHT"; therefore, please disable this installation before racing online.

    Cars will now attempt to take the inside "gripy" path in the freezer section. Many cars will be able to clear it (I tested every "good" stock vehicle for multiple laps) but due to the narrow pathing, cars can still crash or miss the racing line due to size, other cars being in the way, etc. Recovery in the freezer section is improved as well - cars will take a long route to the grippy edges of the freezer and then travel straight to the exit. Although not faster than a good ice slide, many cars cannot recover properly on ice; my method makes recovery more consistent and thus lets cars have more consistent times. General pathing variation and smoothness is also improved.

    Reverse has an even narrower entry into the grippy inside radius of the freezer - thus cars will have more difficulty than with Normal. I tried my best to accommodate as many cars and classes I can, but this is akin to trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle. It's still an improvement over stock nodes, but is inferior to my Normal edit.

5 comments on “Supermarket 2: Improved AI Nodes

  1. I may retake a look in the long future. If I do end up updating it will probably be with other refinements for other tracks so I can just update all at once for the pack.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Unfortunately not with my skill and patience – the entrace to the optimal path is much narrower and sharper in reverse than forward. cars with higher grip will indeed bump into the corner of the wall because that its the only way I could get a majority of the cars to line up for the corner without slipping on the ice in a bad way.

  3. Really nice improvement of stock nodes but it has one minor issue on Reverse version only from what I have noticed. The issue is that in freezer section, the middle part of it, in-between entrance and exit, the cars turn too sharply there – So much so, that they love to bump into the wall which makes a lot of them spin out. Would fixing that be viable?


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