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    A car based on Jaguar XKE. It was a British sport car manufactured by 'Jaguar Cars Ltd' between 1961 and 1975.

    I made this car for nostalgic reasons. Have you ever heard about a game called Interstate '76? Well, its expansion pack (the Nitro Pack) contains this car, and it was one of my favorites in the game. The mesh and paintjob style were borrowed from it, as well as real Jaguars around.

    Folder Name: leo

    Top speed: 33 mph

    Latest change log (July 11, 2016):

    -'0 0 0 RGB' fix on carbox

    Skins for this car

    British Racing Dream, by Kiwi

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1 thought on “Jaguar

  1. This is one of my favourite cars and sometimes I wonder why. 😀 It has a) a very simple paintjob (just red colour) and b) it’s name is the same like the IRL car (Jaguar E-Type), but I still think it can be called “stock like”. Params are also pretty nice. And call me a nerd but I also like it’s folder name a lot. 😉

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