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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2018-12-03
  • Version from 2023-10-01
  • Version 2.2b
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    Panther is a mixture of the 1980's cars DeTomaso Pantera and Ferrari 288 GTO, but it does not share the rear-wheel drive from the real-life counterparts. Instead it's a FWD-car, with lack in acceleration, but very high top speed.

    The model is based on a free 3d model from TurboSquid, made by perrymeichon.

    Have fun with Panther!


    Version 2.2b Changes

    Updated README (Permissions/Copyright)

1 comment on “Panther

  1. Not one of the best Advanced cars initially. Does it mean is it a bad car? Initially, quite likely, but giving a shot in few tracks like Hospital 1 and 2, turns out – it’s actually skill based. Yes, it is FWD, so the easiest mistake to make, if it’s FWD, it has to be moderately easy to drive for the likes of Volken Turbo. This is where you will be likely basing it on. Or even another feline type car, the more commonly known Cougar. This and the Cougar share two familiarities – speed, and FWD, except this one is much more advanced (if you pardon the joke.)

    It’s a bit more whimsical than one might think, but if you master how it slides and handles on turns – you WILL be rewarded for such skill. It can be tricky, but the real car wasn’t easy to handle either, probably – given’s it’s old technology and strength.

    For the longest time, I was siding with people that this car was simply crap, to the likes of I/O sessions in the past. Now, perhaps it is worth a shot if you want something different. Plus it looks great.


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