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    This is a pack of several files, which can be used by Re-Volt track makers to include rain and thunderstorm effects to a track.

    Comes with:

    • A custom properties.txt to add water and heavy water surface properties
    • A custom fxpage1.bmp which will be used for custom spark effects
    • 6 rain related SFX (rain, thunder, wind, and gutter sound effects)
    • An example skybox
    • A darker envstill.bmp


    Usage description:

    IMPORTANT: Some basic - better advanced - Re-Volt level making knowledge is recommended to use this package.

    Use NCP property "GRAVEL" for wet surfaces, and "ICE2" for heavy wet surfaces. Your level should not use any "SAND" NCP properties, as some SAND-parts will be reused for the water effects. The fxpage1.bmp need to be placed inside your levels ./custom folder.

    "Make-It-Good"-objects which could/should be placed:

    • 2-3 Rain objects. 4 or more for heavy rain.
    • 1 Lightning object. 2-3 for heavy lightning.
    • Skybox "Rooftops", with a dark and cloudy skybox placed in your levels  ./custom folder (example included).
    • 3D Sound "Ship storm" with Range 100 and Mode "Continuous" for rain SFX.
    • 3D Sound "Ship horn" and/or "Ship thunder" with Range 100 and Mode "Random" for some thunder SFX.
    • 3D Sound "Ghost rattler" at certain places, if you would like to have some wind SFX.
    • 3D Sound "Ghost eagle" and/or "Hood Kids" if you like to have some gutter stream SFX at some places.


    I recommend setting the overall level brightness to ~50 or less (WORLDRGBPER, MODELRGBPER, INSTANCERGBPER) in your levels .inf- file, to get a realistic darkness.

    Use NCP faces with collision on the top-side above areas where it should not rain. The rain will hit this NCP faces instead the ground (inside houses, for example).

    The attached preview screenshots show the usage of this pack at the Botanical Garden track.



    • (1) My creations can be redistributed in any possible way without asking for permission, but please do not change any parts of it. Exception see (2).
    • (2) You are allowed to change any parts of my creations without asking for permission, if you use a different unique foldername.
    • (3) You can reuse any parts of my creations for your own creations, as long you mention the original authors accordingly in a readme-file.
    • (4) You are not allowed to use any parts of my creations for commercial purposes.

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