Re-Volt Abduction

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    When I played Re-Volt 20 years ago, I dreamed it was possible to discover new tracks on the occasion of a new cup. Thanks to RVGL, it's now possible!

    Re-Volt Abduction, a cup composed of three brand new tracks:

    Episode 1: On a Dark and Rainy Night.
    Episode 2: Race for the Aliens.
    Episode 3: Back to the Earth.

    You can download these three tracks here: The Tracks

    Cup difficulty : Hard
    Number of cars: 8 (1 Advanced, 2 Semi-Pro, 4 Pro Cars and the one you choose)
    Points obtained for each position: 10 for the 1st
    6 for the 2nd
    4 for the 3rd
    3 for the 4th
    2 for the 5th
    1 for the 6th
    0 for the 7th & 8th
    Minimum finish position to qualify per race : 8 (need RVGL 23.0602a1 or later)
    Number of retry attempts : 0

    The last two tracks have low gravity and it can seem confusing to drive. But you get used to it quickly. The best is to choose a car that is not too nervous, without too much acceleration (Toyeca is perfect to me). And it's also necessary to anticipate a lot!

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