Re-Volt Abduction

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    Re-Volt Abduction: A mini-series in three episodes.

    Twenty-five years after escaping from the shelves where they were prisoners, a perilous adventure awaits our favorite RC cars. Discover this incredible story in this three episode mini series.

    Episode 1: On a Dark and Rainy Night.
    "Testimonies should have alerted us, but we didn't believe it."

    Category: Sprint Track
    Length: 384 meters
    Difficulty: medium

    Episode 2: Race for the Aliens.
    "Aliens carry out a series of in-depth tests and examinations to find out whether Re-Volt cars are compatible with their planet's environment."

    Category: Standart Track
    Length: 1090
    Difficulty: hard

    Episode 3: Back to the Earth.
    "We manage to escape, but will we make it home?"

    Category: Sprint Track
    Length: 698 meters
    Difficulty: hard

    The last two tracks have low gravity and it can seem confusing to drive. But you get used to it quickly. The best is to choose a car that is not too nervous, without too much acceleration (Toyeca is perfect to me). And it's also necessary to anticipate a lot!

    Please note:
    For a more funny experience, it's best to play Re-Volt Abduction in cup mode. You can download it here: The Cup

2 comments on “Re-Volt Abduction

  1. A cool, unique idea.

    1. I like the first track. It is very simple, but flowy and rain adds some ambience.
    2. The second track is a cool use of the low gravity tweak, a change of pace from usual Re-Volt turning speeds. The high-speed “inclined plan section” might be a bit too bumpy (not smooth) on the inside, but it’s alright.
    3. Driving over the invisible road and the UFO has a bit too large of a force field that doesnt perfectly fit the visual.


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