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    (A cup for Rookie cars !)

    "It's the last day of school and holydays are coming epic !
    After a short time in summer camp while waiting for mum and dad,
    the whole family crosses the ocean. Destination Europe !
    Visit to Venice, summer skiing in the alps, relaxing in Monaco...
    Then a small cruise to Egypte and in flight to Japan !
    (yes, mum and dad have a good job). And finally, rest at home."

    You need the following tracks to play this cup :

    School’s Out! 1

    Holiday Camp



    SBX Alpine

    Casino RV

    Images Of Giza: Redux

    Airport-1 & Airport-2



    (PS : The plane on the picture is a creation by The Me and Me)

6 comments on “Holydays

  1. These cups have the same problem:
    Amateur Cup ver.2
    B.I.G. Re-Volt Cup
    Champions Trial
    Leader Chase
    Ruby Cup

    20 other cups works perfectly. Forgive me my English please.

  2. I haven’t played this cup in a while.
    I was missing some tracks that I had removed from the game.
    I re-uploaded the cup and the missing tracks, and everything works perfectly.

    you seem to say that you have the same problem with other cups?

  3. Yes, that’s right. Most cups are installed and played without problems. But a small part of cups has such a problem.
    The cup is visible in the menu, but its selection is not available (the name is gray).

  4. I do not see why.
    Do you have Image of Giza REDUX ?
    Airport 1 AND 2?
    Was the cup file placed in the correct folder?

  5. Such a great story for a cup! (There aren’t many cups with a story, afaik… they’re usually just theme sets.)



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