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  • Based on The Boss Pack
  • Release date 2019-10-14
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  • RVW-ID 21761
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    Joint effort to bring 4 incredible buggies from the game RC de GO! directly into RVGL!

    - Model & Texture Rip by John Nitrous
    - Model & Texture Assembly by MightyCucumber
    - Parameters, Shadow & Carbox Xarc

    All 4 buggies of the series are tailored for the Pro class in order to make them somewhat competitive between one another. Another reason for them being in the Pro class, is because there are still very few buggies in higher classes.

    Hope you enjoy them! ,)



    Class: Pro

    Max Speed: 38 mph

    Insights by Xarc: 'Fighter has good resistence to weapons, and very good grip but is rather slow.'

    Trivia: Fighter seems to be based on Tamiya's Dirt Thrasher:


    PS: As usual, you can choose between 128x128 carboxes or the usual 256x256. Also includes a second skin with black tires, the classical Re-Volt look.

    Based on Fighter

    Speed Balancer, by TTDriver

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