Drome Champ

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  • Release date 2020-11-29
  • Version from 2021-04-05
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  • Construction Remodel
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    Remodel of a car mesh found in The Thunderdrome, a track created by Mace121. The mesh itself is actually based on one of his cars, Vivi.

    The Tunderdrome - http://revoltzone.net/tracks/45744/The%20Thunderdrome

    Vivi - http://revoltzone.net/cars/38291/Vivi

    Includes an alternate, simple skin, that was byproduct of an accident/test which I ended up liking.

    Name was suggested by burner94. Thanks man! :)


    Drome Champ:

    Class: Pro

    Max Speed: 41 mph


    Hope you enjoy! :)

    Skins for this car

    Taxi Speed, by LukaVolt
    Kurama Fox, by LukaVolt
    731, by LukaVolt
    Vader Star, by LukaVolt
    Alien-B, by LukaVolt
    DriverAD, by LukaVolt
    PurpChampXL, by LukaVolt
    Magma Vulkan, by LukaVolt
    Blood-Sucking Parasite, by LukaVolt
    Dangerous Rex, by LukaVolt
    Sky Bass.EXE, by LukaVolt
    Dirty Boy, by LukaVolt
    The Ocean Star, by LukaVolt
    Drome ZX, by Phimeek
    Drome Legend, by Phimeek

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