Thru The Sylve: The Tracks

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    When I played Re-Volt 20 years ago, I dreamed it was possible to discover new tracks on the occasion of a new cup.
    Thanks to RVGL, it's now possible!
    It is in this sense that I created “Thru The Sylve” a cup composed of five brand new tracks (made with the Keyran's Rally PRM Set)

    Here is the pack of 5 tracks, you can download the cup here:
    Cup Link

    Although all tracks have a reverse mode, time trial and training star (for even more fun), they have been specially designed to be played through the cup, in normal mode and in this order:
    (That's why I strongly recommend that you download "Thru The Sylve: The Cup" and play these tracks with it.)

    Thru The Sylve:

    1- Summer: 445 meters, easy
    2- Autumn: 595 meters, medium
    3- Winter: 425 meters, hard
    4- Spring: 771 meters, extreme
    5- Summer Again: 445 meters, medium

    More information about these races in their readme file.
    I hope you enjoy this cup & these tracks.


    Add properties.txt & modification of the moveable branch's sound as advised by Keyran.

    Fixed the direction trigger as noted 607.

    UPDATE#2 by Rodik

    As soon as "Thru The Sylve" was released, Rodik contacted me on Revolt World to suggest some improvements, which I immediately accepted. I love Rodrik's tracks and I was very honored that he offered me his help. The result was definitely worth it. The rendering of his work on these tracks gives them a great overall atmosphere in addition to some issues that he fixed.

    I report his words:
    "– Added shading to all tracks except Summer Again
    – Added snow animation in Winter
    – Changed some Instances
    – Worked with collision and surfaces
    (I didn’t change anything in Summer Again)"


    Some texture changes. Having taken into consideration Kiwi's comments, the "winter" track is now completely white and the leaf colors for "autumn" have more reds and yellows than before.

    The AI, now, takes shortcuts (in "Spring", and especially in "Winter").


7 comments on “Thru The Sylve: The Tracks

  1. Everything is perfect here except the AI. Raceline, visuals, atmosphere are top notch, but sadly the AI is not that competitive and that reduces the fun.

    4/5 from me, if the AI were good then it would be an easy 5/5.

  2. Great update! The surfaces of the different tracks are fitting now, this really enhances the atmosphere.
    By the way, I like the heavy use of sound effects! There’s a lot of variety in them.

  3. This are some really nice PRM kit tracks. I was kind of surprised of the overall very good quality! Great job Ced and rodik. My personal favourites are “Autumn” and “Summer again”, which both have a really awesome atmosphere. Autumn has a really cool raceline – but all the tracks have, to be honest. Same as Keyran I like the dense vegetation. This is something I also try to achieve on my own tracks, and you did an awesome job here. Really cool are the areas, where you drive through these big stones. The glowing in the “Summer again” tracks together with the “hayballs” (you tried to mimic fireflies here?) and the steaming pile of leaves (?) give this tracks a very artistic and extraterrestrial feeling, which I really adore.

    But there are also some things which I didn’t liked that much. All the tracks has too much SFX for my flavour – I never heard so many different animals in a forest like here! :) In addition, the SFX does not really fit the seasons, sometimes. Especially in “Winter” the lot of bird voices feels a bit immersion breaking. In general, I didn’t get the “season feeling” at all the tracks. “Autumn” feels more like late-summer, “Spring” not like spring, and at “Winter” the visible grass is also not that fitting, in my opinion.

    But this are only some minor nitpicks. Overall these are some great tracks, and I have a lot of fun with them!

  4. Thanks for your feedback Keyran & 607!
    Yes, the sound of the branches is wrong.
    I didn’t even realize it!
    With all the work done on the sounds precisely, I do not understand how I missed that …
    I will look into the properties file as well. Thank you for your advice Keyran. And I agree with you 607, it’s important to keep grip on the snow on this track.

  5. I love it! Very fun. The atmosphere is great too.
    However, in the final track the direction triggers are messed up for me in the first half of the track. I hope you can fix that! I also agree with Keyran that the sound of the branches is weird. Maybe also the sound and particles for the roads had better be different, but I think that if everything is slippery the tracks won’t work too well anymore.

  6. Nice tracks! Autumn and Spring in particular have a creative raceline and are my favorites!
    I like the dense vegetation in all of the tracks.
    However, there are some details that could be easily improved.

    The track Summer Again has the moveable branch, but it has the ABC block sound when it is hit, which is weird. The corresponding sound is “toybrick.wav” that you can find in the custom folder of any track that has the moveable branch (it’s nothing else than the tumbleweed sound, which is located in wavs/ghost/tumbweed.wav, renamed to “toybrick.wav”).

    The tracks are mostly built with the road tiles, that have the default surface type. If you want to use the dirt surface that generates dirt particles and brown skid marks, create a new file named “properties.txt” (like in Space Opera) and replace the default surface with dirt. To do so, copy and paste one of the dirt materials (let’s say “Dirt 1”) from the sample properties file (you can find it there: and paste this in your empty “properties.txt” file, and then change the ID of the material to 0. There are some mistakes in the sample properties file, you’ll have to do the following steps to fix them. Set Skid and Spark to true. Copy the color from “Color” and paste it in “SkidColor”.
    For the winter track, you can use a snow material from any winter track instead of a dirt material.

    Oh, by the way I am working on an update for this PRM set, there should be at least 16 new tiles soon (mostly the dirt equivalent to the road tiles but also new ones) and a fix for some tiles.


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