Wildstar (FZG Paintworks)

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  • Release date 2023-08-21
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    Glad i finished this in time before end of August since TTDriver's birthday was on 17th August (or was it 16th? it was said on 17th on my end), but hey, happy belated birthday kiddo, take this livery pack as a gift!

    The Summer Challenge 2023 is where ticked my brain, as well as seperated uploads of Wildstar skins. I thought "Oh, i can make more for fun", and so i did, including wrapping one of TT's favorite car, Oblitenitro. (yes now you can roam the roads with your railgun-textured-Wildstar)

    Not much inspirations tbh, trying to make more skins just to complete color palette (since there's too much red skins), and also since i've seen one of my dark green + checkered flag skin was changed with a sleazy amount of paint.exe effort and was also on the voting list, weird.... So since that incident, i don't add PSD paintkit on this one, unlike my Puma paintworks.

    Hope y'all like these liveries i made in 3 days!

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