RVW Leap Year Extravaganza – Announcement

February 13th, 2024 – Hello Re-Volters!

Edited February 27th, 2024 – fixed some potentially confusing wording on one of the creation categories. My bad :P

Edited March 21st, 2024LAST-MINUTE DEADLINE EXTENSION! It is now possible to submit a creation until the end of the week.

New deadline is March 24th, 2024 at 22:00 UTC.

Given 2024 is a leap year, the Re-Volt World staff thought of going with something a little bit different – there really is something for everyone in this one.

What is this?

Content creators can attend the contest by submitting a creation according to the contest themes.

After the deadline, there will be a public voting to determine the winners of each category.

In addition, you can gain Kudos by attending the Autumn Party 2023!

  • Attending: You get 25 for attending a category.
  • Podium: Getting on the podium in a category will give you 50 .
  • Winning: Winning a category is worth 100 !
Theme and Categories

The Re-Volt World Leap Year Extravaganza features three creation categories:

  • Track: create a standard track with a setting that evokes spring.
  • Car: make any car you like, but give it racing number 29 (wink wink).
  • Skin: create a Valentine’s Day themed skin for a car of your choice.

General rules:

  • Deadline for submission is March 21st, 2024 at 21:00 UTC March 24th, 2024 at 22:00 UTC.
  • Every creator can submit a maximum of ONE creation per category (and it is not mandatory to participate in all of them).
  • Collaborations are allowed. Please provide the name(s) of the author(s) you collaborated with.
  • Used resources (if any) must be stated in an attached readme, unless their author(s) is (are) okay with free distribution.
  • Please don’t upload your entries to Re-Volt World or any other websites before the voting is over.
  • It is not mandatory to keep your entries secret before the deadline.

Track rules:

  • Only Standard tracks (i.e. not Sprints) are allowed.
  • It is allowed to take parts from stock tracks or PRM kits: you may also make the basic raceline with the Track Editor (“Lego Extreme” tracks). If you want to add parts from custom content, please credit the original authors.
  • Let those flowers bloom! Colourful sceneries are a must – no matter if poppies or sakuras.

Car rules:

  • The car can be anything you like! It only needs a 29 clearly visible on its exterior, be it on the texture or as a 3D text. Go wild!
  • All types of car submission are eligible – repaint, remodel or original. (Well… technically conversions too if they come with a 29 on them :P)
  • It is not strictly necessary to reparam your creation, if it is a repaint/remodel.

Skin rules:

  • You may make a skin for any car you like. Please state which car the skin is for, and pack it in its proper folder.
  • It is allowed (and endorsed, especially for newcomers) to use paintkits for cars that come with one.
  • Channel your love – be it for your significant other, for RC cars, or anything else – crank up that cuteness meter. Hearts, chocolates, flowers… The possibilities are endless.
Submit your entry

Submit your entry by using the upload function down below.

  • Only visible for logged in users!
  • You can upload zip, rar or 7z files.
  • The maximum file size is 50 MB.
  • You can use the upload function as often as you wish! Upload updated versions of your creations anytime. We will have a look at the uploads manually, and just consider the latest version if there are more.

Submissions are closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! The voting page will be available in the following days.