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  Battered Mansion 2
82/100 (9 votes)

Released on March 2, 2022 - hello, this is the second part of Battered Mansion. in this track you are driving both inside and outside the mansion. there are always multiple ways to choose from so the track nearly always feels different to play through, so drive carefully! ps: i find it a bit harder than the first variation. again;...

  Battered Mansion 1
73/100 (10 votes)

Released on March 2, 2022 - hello, after a long time i release something. i present to you the first part of Battered Mansion. in this track you will be driving inside of the mansion, as you can see it is really old and abandoned; THE IDEAL PLACE FOR A RC CAR RACE! holes in the ground open up for many interesting pickup strategies...

  Horrormas 3
?/100(<2 votes)

Released on January 9, 2022 - This is the third continuation of the Horrormas series. This time it is not so easy as the track features a variety of difficult corners you have to take fast yet cautiously to keep up with the opposition. I have reworked the layout of the one 256x texture i use, so it features more in the limited space....

  Horrormas 2
?/100(<2 votes)

Released on January 6, 2022 - This is my second track for the game from may. Due to inactivity it never went up publicly. I removed the custom terrain so it now doesnt slow you automatically, personally I found it fun but it did not work out well in the case of other people. Hopefully it is more enjoyable this time around. I am...

?/100(<2 votes)

Released on December 26, 2020 - hi, this is my first track for the game i used blender for it. it is supposed be horror track but i dont know where i can get scary sound or song. hope you enjoy, it might be hard to get used to it. pls let me know what to fix ...