Port Limano Stunts

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    hi there, im benderfan3124 and this is a collection of tracks i've made this summer. i hope you enjoy.
    there is not much to them but i will try to make a simple description for all of them.

    port limano stunts is happening over the whole port limano! your mission is to collect all 30 limited edition chubaqua drink bottles that are hidden around the map.
    for an experienced stuntman this should take about 10 minutes at most. the stars are all possible with stock pros. have fun!

    credits can be found in the readme.

4 comments on “Port Limano Stunts

  1. We have another good stunt arena here! This one is currently in my top 5.
    It took me about an hour to complete it with stock Pro cars just like rodik.
    Most of the stunts are different from each other, which makes this stunt arena interesting and enjoyable.
    There is only one thing that bothers me, it the fact you automatically reposition when you fail to get some stars in the sea, and even when you finally catch them you must reposition if it’s not done automatically. Maybe it’s just me, and there are other stunt arenas that have this, even one of the two I have made until now (though it’s a different problem that has the same consequence)! For this I don’t give full 5 stars, but my rating is still high and it is even slightly higher than the one I gave to Spitzbergen.

  2. 10 Minutes? This arena took me an hour. And one star is half an hour.

    But it’s still a good arena. The stars are placed interesting and in different places. They have different difficulty. Also, I agree with Kiwi, “Limited Edition Chubaqua drink bottles” is a great idea.

    Video: https://youtu.be/q7qtJlDyDpk

  3. This is an awesome Stunt Arena. From all the Stunt Arenas released until today, it’s one of my fav ones.

    Your “10 minutes at most” comment made me a bit nervous. Before downloading I thought the arena is maybe too easy. But I am not sure if you made a joke only with this “10 minutes” comment!? It’s a very hard Stunt Arena in my eyes – after 10 minutes I was able to get only 4 from the 30 bottles! I think there is not a single bottle which is easy to get. Every bottle is placed on an obstacle, is floating in the air, or is placed in another hard way to get or find a way to catch it. That’s the way it should be for a Stunt Arena! :)

    Not much to say about the map itself. It’s very beautiful, with the same issues the other Port Limano tracks are having (key-word “blurry textures”). What I really like is the fact that you used custom star models (“Limited Edition Chubaqua drink bottles” – AWESOME idea!), even with a custom light colour.

    All in all my recommendation for everyone who like hard Stunt Arenas.


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