Border of Era

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  • Release date 2024-01-10
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    •A modern skyscraper next to a classic cathedral
    •A person holding a classic book in one hand and a modern smartphone in the other.
    •Standings for the season immediately before the team that dominates the league changes
    •I have brought together some examples that give you a sense of the ‘border of Era.’
    'While I was thinking about what kind of work I would create with this theme of “Border of Era", I decided to use this theme to create my first RVGL skin of 2024.


    A gradation of pink, red, blue, and light blue was used, and a white line with a black frame was added at each intermediate boundary of the colors to express the boundary points of the era.

    While making this, I learned how to paint an aurora-like gradation without using a gradation tool.

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