Koin Karp

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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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    This is a new custom buggy for the amateur class, called Koin Karp. I think his fish-design is clear to see ,)

    His carbody should have a flat, streamlined form language. So i've modeled two optical monoshocks on both axles, which provided the flat-roofed building. It can be chosen 5 different paint jobs and every paintind are based on the colours of a koi carp species. For the rim design, i was inspired by japanese coins and the yen logo.

    He has a 540 'High Five 40' electro motor, which gives him a topspeed of 54kmh. His acceleration is not the fastest but well enough for an amateur buggy. With the four-wheel drive it gets a good driving performance with a slightly oversteer, which is easy to handle.

5 comments on “Koin Karp

  1. A great thanks to you and your video to the car 607.^^
    Its very nice to know you have now a second favourite from me, next to my very first released custom car. :)

  2. This is currently my favourite car! The model is outstanding; not only does it seem realistic (you can tell RV_Pure knows his stuff about RC cars), but it has so much personality! The theme was executed into an extreme amount of detail. All five skins are impeccable too: each very different from each other, but each fitting perfectly to the model.
    The car is easier to control than some of RV_Pure’s other cars, but still has some defining characteristics. The car is very versatile and stands strong on its ‘feet’. It has good top speed, balanced with fairly low acceleration. And for the rest… just try it out for yourself! As you know, I’m no expert on cars, but this one just feels really well to me. The satisfying suspension probably also has to do with it.
    Since the release of Naval Baron in March 2017, RV_Pure has been my favourite car creator and Naval Baron my favourite car. With Koin Karp the achievement of Naval Baron was finally exceeded, however, in my book.

    Video: https://youtu.be/UYeXX8oMTzE

  3. Always a pleasure to be of help! TBH the cars that aren’t ideal I enjoy the most, they’ve got actual quirks that I need to master to squeeze the potential out of them. And that one happens to be one of those, which is nice.

  4. I wanna say thank you very much for your well written overall impression to the car meeskond.

    Yes it has some weak points here and there. But i need to say, its a important part of my working process. For me personally, its a necessary thing to give a car more than only advantages. It needs time to create a well made balance between strengths and weaknesses as good as possible. But it gives so much more than a car which drives so easy and safe in every straights and curves, that you need almost no effort imo. Its my kind to give a car more personality.

    Btw, the front bumper was inspired by a real one, from the Schumacher Cat XLS. It had to be attached on the car.^^

  5. Oh look, a fish! And a nice one at that. Koin Karp really does look like a fish with wheels. Visually it’s striking from the very first moment, and it only gets better – just look at the vents imitating gills, or the small fish-shaped stickers, or even the fact that all five skins that come with the car are all completely different. One thing they all share is the texture of the front bumper, that in itself is painted to imitate eyes and mouth of a koi. Sleek bodywork with a pronounced tail make the whole car a joy to look at, while exposing its true nature as a buggy.

    On a racetrack it becomes obvious pretty quickly that it’s made to fit into loose terrain tracks, but it still does a good job on hrd surfaces as well. It doesn’t accelerate very well, to say the least. It’s more of a steady ramp up to an otherwise satisfactory advertised 54kph, well within Amateur params.

    Regardless of surfaces though, the main feature of the car will be its suspension. It’s higher than most conventional buggies, but lower than monster trucks, making it just right to traverse through most obstacles. The axles are very wide with fittingly large wheels, making the impression that it might be a railer – but no. Suspension’s softness makes sure cornering will be easy without losing too much speed, and wide axles give the car very nice and stable feeling – it’s not easy to topple it without armaments or smashing it into a wall. Karp maintains its smooth and gentle ride throughout all kinds of terrain, gving you oversteer and understeer at the same time – depending on turning angle.

    That being said, once you do tip it one way, it’s irretrievable. It won’t wobble or bounce back onto its wheels, so the flip button needs to be ready to go in more tricky sections. Also, I’m not very happy with the way it behaves under braking. It doesn’t even tend to snap into oversteer – it does it every single time no matter what you do. Powerslide is the way to go with that one, and may RV gods have mercy on you if you dare to use that brake button during battle for position.

    I still like it very much. Even though its sheer size makes it more difficult on tight tracks, it’s still a light and surprisingly nimble buggy that’s worth your time.

    – Very good visually, with detailed model and lots of enjoyable skins
    – Makes a firm presence on track while being the exact opposite of a driving brick
    – Suspension works well with params, making the car technically sophisticated and interesting to master
    – Light and versatile ride

    – Relatively poor acceleration from standing start
    – Less than comfortable in tight passages/narrow tracks
    – Difficult to recover without flipping/resetting
    – Brakes are incredibly snappy, making powersliding a necessity


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