Track Editor (Unity Edition)

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    A rewrite of the Track Editor in the Unity Engine, which runs much better on modern systems.

    Versus the original editor, this adds/ improves:

    • UI scaling
    • Windowed and fullscreen modes (toggle with ALT+ENTER).
    • Input blocking when minimized
    • Half scale export option
    • Exports reverse versions of tracks when possible
    • Ability to cancel quitting/loading/new track if the track is unsaved
    • Ability to export tracks that would otherwise be "too complex" for the original track editor
    • Native multi platform support
    • Gamepad support (F1 for controls list)
    • Somewhat faster exporting
    • Improved geometry exporting (Original editor exports duplicate geometry)

    As far as I know I have feature parity with the original track editor.
    This project is also open source!


    Installation Instructions

    Using the RVGL Launcher

    The provided ZIP files are ready to go to be installed as packs, simply extract the contents of the zip into "RVGL/packs/track-editor"

    Without Launcher

    Extract the contents of the ZIP directly into your Re-Volt or RVGL installation

    To install, simply extract the "editor" folder into your Re-Volt or RVGL installation. Alternatively, Vas0sky has provided instructions in the comments for using this as a launcher pack instead.

    The downloads come with the PC theme, but you can swap out the texture and RTU files with the Dreamcast ones and it will work seamlessly :)

18 comments on “Track Editor (Unity Edition)

  1. You can use the dreamcast theme by swapping out the files with the dreamcast ones (trackunit.rtu + textures)
    See comments below about custom themes.

  2. Btw, I’m not completely discounting custom parts, it’s just that it will require a lot of thought to get done in an elegant way is all.

  3. At the current time I believe that this is almost a 1:1 port of the original Track Editor from Acclaim plus the additional QoL changes that were brought with Unity. I think the creator will add new features in the future so there is nothing to worry about, it’s just a matter of time.

  4. While this is improving on the original editor it’s still missing several helpful features/tools from Kenny’s 1,1 Re-Volt Track Editor. This one is obviously more stable on newer machines, but for maximing the potential of your Track Editor track I recommend using both this and the 1.1 Re-Volt Track Editor on the same track for different purposes, thankfully the editor saves are compatible between the 2 editors so it shouldn’t be a problem swapping from this editor to the other while making a track.

  5. Adding custom parts isn’t too trivial unfortunately. The RTU format doesn’t store some information, and the devs hardcoded it to compensate. Essentially the way parts are stored would need to be entirely redesigned.

  6. Hey, Nice work! it’s possible, that we can add new track parts now? I mean with the new Track Editor version?

  7. Okay. Now that I see the “.exe”. I wasn’t looking. now I did looked and found “.exe” this whole time. such a dunce at times, am I.

  8. This is easily one of the most exciting releases to hit the Re-Volt scene in quite a long time, at least from my admittedly casual perspective. Knowing that we now have a built-from-scratch rewrite of the original Track Editor makes one’s mind run wild with pie-in-the-sky ideas about potential community-made upgrades (such as adding the new features from Kenny’s Track Editor 1.1 update from back in 2013).

    Of course, I’m just a casual observer, so I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a pain it must have been to make this application in the first place — you cannot tell me that getting Unity to play nice with Re-Volt’s old file formats was easy in any way — so I’ll be content just to have a functional Track Editor that works with modern operating systems regardless of additional bells and whistles.

    The fact that I could stick this in an RVGL Pack folder, boot it up without having to run it in a compatibility mode or with a -windowed command line, and just be able to build and export a track in the year 2022 is nothing short of miraculous. If that isn’t worth applause in itself, then I don’t know what is.

  9. Thanks Vas, that’s a super useful hint! I think it’s important to know, cause the RVGL Launcher will be used by a lot of people already.

  10. The readme has install instruction for using it outside of packs, which I’ve now mirrored in the description too.

  11. You can put the track editor in a pack in the packs folder (like this C:\Users\Vas0sky\RVGL\packs\track-editor\), then you create a new folder called “editor” (C:\Users\Vas0sky\RVGL\packs\track-editor\editor\) and a folder called “levels” (C:\Users\Vas0sky\RVGL\packs\track-editor\levels\).

    This way newly exported tracks will directly go in the track-editor pack and you can disable them directly from the launcher.

  12. Is it possible to use the Track Editor with a RVGL Launcher installation? If yes, in which folder the download has to be extracted?
    Maybe you can put a few sentences regarding the installation into the description. I think this would be very helpful for some users.


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