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  • Release date 2022-12-13
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  • Version 3
  • RVW-ID 34904
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    71/100 (10 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Medium
  • Track length 390 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Select an Option
  • Practice mode star available? Select an Option

    Emslandring is a real existing outdoor kart racing in the holiday park Dankern Castle in northern Germany.
    We have often been there with family and friends.
    3D: blender
    2D: ms paint
    ibmx: kiwi
    fun: makeitgood

    Jan 2023 - new AI routes in normal and reversed mode.
    Mar 2023 - MightyCucumber gave me some hints to improve the triggers.

8 comments on “Dankernkart

  1. Hi Cucumber, would be fine to improve it with your help !
    You can send me the changed files to admin[at]motorhand.de
    Cheers !

  2. Hey Motorhand, some users warned me about the fact that you can cut through extensive portions of the track -although you get a red X most of the time when you dod this, it can still be a bit of a nuisance when the track is used online. I took the liberty to add some repo boxes to prevent this, but I don’t know your Discord tag, email or other means of contact to reach out and give you the files so you can take a look.

    I also made a tiny fix to the reverse version, which was missing the beloved Re-Volt flag. :P

    Keep up the good work man, your creations look amazing!

  3. Hi Not Daijoubu, I really appreciate your honest opinion !
    At first attempt I had the feeling it is too big and boring for revolt cars, so I scaled it down a little. Perhaps some other parts are not sized as it should be, compared to reality.
    I believe you are right with the overload of curbs as track borders. Perhaps I will make a relaunch of this track and check out some design improvements.

  4. I’m a sucker for realistic RC circuits, and karting tracks certainly do make good ones. It’s fun to drive and the slopes are not so choppy as to upset cars such as my R1 Competition which dies on a lot of low-poly elevation changes. Music is fine, not my taste but doesn’t detract from the track. I think the overall scale is a bit small even for RC cars; the full-size kart props you have are fine, but the track would be too small for them if this was real life. Overall, the track is definitely a winner in terms of having fun lapping or with helping me test car parameters.

    I will have to gripe about the kerbs, and I’m sorry for sounding harsh here:
    The sharp angles of the kerbing and the texture resolution of it makes the track as a whole feel dated to me. The placement of them on the inside and outside of corners and on straights as well make the track appear too busy and even detracts from their function as a marker for apecies. They also seem a bit too wide compared to the width of the road, almost as if the kerbs are invading space that should be asphalt (maybe more of an issue with the road than with the kerbing). Despite my criticisms, they do function well with driving. You can use them, but if you approach them too aggressivley you can also lose control. The kerbs at the chicane is a perfect example and do exactly what kerbs should do.

  5. I tried to make the AI line as smooth as possible. Perhaps I should test some of the 25mph sections, but I’m afraid the opponents will be slowed to much.
    Thanks for making a video !

  6. Hey Ced, thanks a lot for your detailed opinion !
    I agree about the background, it’s a photo of a real lake near to this place, but my graphical skills are too low for a pretty forest.
    The AI in both directions took me a long time, so I’m glad somobody recognized this work.
    Cheers !

  7. Well I launch for a review of our track :
    The race line is good to me and there is not this big problem encountered in general on these kart/F1type tracks, the Automatic replacement when you go out, even a little bit, of the track.
    Some details bother me while I find the idea really good, like the animation on the re-volt flag.
    And especially the background landscape look bad and should be modified.
    Despite this, it is a good track, pleasant to run. And the IA is good too.


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