Giant Moth Mk 2

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  • Based on Giant Moth
  • Release date 2022-07-06
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    A rework of my first Giant Moth.

    The result: constant flapping with an occasional flutter when in air, fluttering when on ground, flapping stops when the moth has stopped; dragging its legs on ground is of course slower and prone to spontaneous jumps, so it’s better to keep it in air at all times with a short left-right jig.

    Includes custom sound.

    Just a single version this time, it suits well for both RC and RL races.

    Showcase video:

    Credits: Acclaim for the game, Kipy for his Paperplane, OhNej and Zeino for their Bob, Citywalker for her experiments (got me into this business), me (obviously), and the lot of you for keeping the game alive. Thanks.


    P.S. If anyone wonders - the RC/RL versioning actually makes a lot of sense. Tracks like Wildland, Cliff Mountain, Cliffside Court, Frigid Peaks, Extreme G, RC Dream, SS Route Revolt, etc are definitely not RC tracks.



    Edited: wing shape to be more suitable for the flutter effect.

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