• Download count 416
  • Pageviews 802
  • Unique foldername chibiquadrat
  • Skin for
  • Track Mod for
  • Based on Quadrat
  • Release date 2023-05-21
  • Version from 2021-05-21
  • Version
  • RVW-ID 36823
  • Category
  • Score
    87/100 (6 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Remodel
  • Engine Electric
  • Transmission 4WD
  • Top speed 31.0 mph
  • Total weight 1.2 kg
  • Acceleration 2.13 m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length m
  • Reverse version available?
  • Time trial times available?
  • Practice mode star available?
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Toy-Volt continued to expand their super-deformed range of RC cars years since the start of the series. Being affordable, customizable, and characterful, these little cars are loved by both beginners and die-hard Toy-Volt fans alike.  What once was a japanese-exclusive product soon became a large scale operation with contributions from other Toy-Volt branches such as those in Europe and the Americas.

    The MicroQuadrat is a toy version of the Quadrat. Ridiculous proportions make this brutal steel crate look funnier than the original. Unlike the original, the MicroQuadrat does not have a spare wheel, although a spare wheel could be added for fun, but the question of proportion is to make the size larger like all wheels or smaller to match the proportions of the original.


    • Tips:
      On this car, do not brake when cornering, so as not to go into a skid.


    • Misc:
      Although I called the MicroQuadrat a remodel of the Quadrat, I actually made it from scratch based on the Quadrat, and then attached it to the chassis provided by NotDaijoubu.
    • Thanks to NotDaijoubu for helping out and providing the chassis.

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