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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2020-09-15
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    This car is part of the Abandoned Designs Project.

    On the 09/10/2018, a small group of users decided to set up a dedicated Discord channel to recreate some original designs from the game, using concept sketches, development files, and other original resources as a base.

    As the project slowly grew, more people decided to hop by and lend a hand with their creativity and insights, leading to more than 70 new cars being created!

    The included cars are the product of the hard work, commitment and passion that handful of creators put into this project, culminating on the release of one of the biggest "expansion packs" seen to date.

    You can get the full pack from here:

    Abandoned Designs Project

1 comment on “Muscubi

  1. The car looks already interesting from the fact it’s not only great paint job work – but the shape of the car and it’s somewhat large wheels and short wheel base length wise goes for the car. How does the Muscubi handle?

    Surprisingly pretty good – obviously it is 4WD to accomodate it’s short wheel base without losing control, but not only it is stable…it is strong. A little too strong, me thinks. One of the few rookie cars that can achieve the 32mph mark, few Rookies have this charm, and can be considered Amateur material – RC Bandit and Dr. Grudge comes to mind.

    You an still lose control with it though, but not so easily with it – had the top speed or accleration been tackled down to be slightly nerfed – it would still be fun – but not to slightly OP levels. It can still lose races, but only if you are not familiar with it’s performance and handling.

    I still like it, though.


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