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  • Based on Toyota GT1
  • Release date 2019-02-19
  • Version from 2022-03-15
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    FrenchFry asked me to stockify a Toyota GT-one, so I took the conversion by The Me and Me and gave it some much needed love. Skarma was interested in paramising it, and gave it Super-Pro levels of performance - it's not your average mid '00s railer though! Not that bad through bumps, but it has a somewhat wide turning radius: lightly brake when you need to, and it'll fly through the tracks with ease. Name suggested by FrenchFry. Custom engine sound from Gran Turismo 2.

    Trivia: Kazuki Nakajima is one of Team Toyota's racing drivers.

    EDIT Mar 15, 2022: a much needed redux of this car finally sees the light of day.
    - The model was completely remapped to allow maximum freedom in repaints, and a new PSD paintkit comes in the archive. Wheels also got remapped to remove the rim from the inner face.
    - Shading, lighting and details by Paperman, baked onto the new map and rearranged by me.
    - My remakes of the 1999 GT-one livery, the "stealth model" from Gran Turismo 4 and the original Nakajima paintjob are bundled in the archive, alongside the recreation of the RC de Go livery by Paperman.

1 comment on “Nakajima

  1. Talk about misinformation..I thought the Nakajima wasn’t good off-road. in the past, maybe. But after further review..the Nakajima is stronger than I thought.

    This car doesn’t steer as well as Hoshino, but it is MUCH MORE STABLE. It can still lose control due to being a RWD car, but it is somehow much more forgiving. Much more so. I dare say, this is of many RWD cars, one of the most stable driven. There’s a reason this car has a cult following in the online community as this is part of the I/O packs.

    The model, the paintjobs – even the engine thrown as a bonus – Wow. This car is a major winner.

    Minor points deducted on the parameters though, some bumps or jumps…the wheels travel through the car, not always though. Might want to fix that. Other than that – works perfectly fine. A serious contender, and a keeper.


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