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  • Based on Blue Code
  • Release date 2023-05-14
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  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Remodel
  • Engine Glow
  • Transmission 4WD
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    Hey everyone! This is my attempt at a stock-like (well... ish? Similar to Superdriver in a sense...) Hoonigan "Hoonipigasus" Porsche 911 hillclimb racer. Based on Ziggy and Paperman's Blue Code, some details were taken from it. Parameters by Skarma. Comes with a PSD paintkit as per usual.

    Following the tragic premature demise of the legend himself, Ken Block, I started working on this release around the same week. It was then put on hold because I couldn't quite wrap my head around how I'd model the front arches and their cutouts. Huge shoutout to Norfair for his mesh topology input, much appreciated.

    Now that the real Hoonipigasus is about to live on again on the Peak, driven by none other than Ken's daughter, Lia Block, I thought it'd be the perfect occasion to finish it up and publish it.

    Drives about as you'd expect it to - point it where you wanna go and it'll treat you with copious amounts of grip.

    NOTICE: you may see pureblacks appearing if you use the included paintkit to make skins. Some of them are the result of layers overlapping and cannot be avoided directly by me - please use Replace Colour on your finished skins once you're done. Thanks for your understanding!

2 comments on “Oinknator

  1. Hell of a looker, one of your best modeled/remodeled cars, burner, the whole car is definitely a reminder of the pink Porsche ready for your typical Pikes Peak run, absolutely ridiculous, in a good way. Oinknator certainly delivers on that. As for parameters, as they are done by Skarma….I can’t quite put a finger on it. It has a rail handling feeling to it but letting go of throttle, you can tell you can slide a bit and such. Now given the looks, the rail handling to it is somewhat fitting, given what kind of downforce it could be projecting.

    As for that, I can’t tell wheitehr it’s Inertia or hull problems, but I had a bit of badluck with this thing. Odd landings that makes me think the front splitter is what making the car lose control – this was noticeable in Synthwave and other tracks. I also feel even if it’s tuned for Super Pro…the not so high acceleration is making me think, this is fit for Pros, instead. I could have a case of Skill Issue, too, you never know.

    Because of that, I kinda had fun with it, but not an all-favorite by a long shot. It’s alright, really, but model wise, it’s a stunner.


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