Summer Contest 2021 Pack

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  • Release date 2021-08-29
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    This pack contains all entries of the Re-Volt World Summer Contest 2021. Some of the creations may be released as a stand-alone download by the creators. This pack won't be updated in the future, so be sure to check the main creations uploads for possible updates.



    • Déréalisation by
    • Toy World 3 by J
    • Two Neighborhoods by
    • LMS Neighborhood by R
    • Museum Unleashed by V



    • Mintrilo by Polarfox_cw
    • Carribeach by Paperman
    • Gas n'Pass by Trixed
    • Soundwave by Ghoster
    • Demon Slayer by Kiwi
    • ObliteNitro by Fr13ndz0n3dguy
    • Locker by BloodBTF
    • Dr. Surf by Phimeek
    • Purp RS by TTDriver
    • Rotorossa by Marklanchvar32
    • R6 Value by Flyboy
    • Hot Block by Brotato
    • Shootout Scrambler by Shara
    • Rennstar by GDM
    • RC Monk by Ionico

5 thoughts on “Summer Contest 2021 Pack

  1. Museum Unleashed is what I always wanted when I first saw the inerlaced parts of the 2 Museum, the compromises used to make it work are more than understandable and I’m loving it.

    Two Neighborhoods is a similar concept as the Museums but made as a sprint track and with a connecting zone in-between, There’s a path of the track that can’t be taken and gives red x so i was confused at first.

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  2. Carribeach – That’s what I understand, a land boat. Big and heavy.
    Demon Slaye – Cool monster truck
    ObliteNitro – Driving this car is rubbish. Making the rear wheels steering is a dumb idea for a high-speed car.
    Hot Block – Looks ugly, but nice to drive.

    Two Neighborhoods – At first glance, it is no different from the original, but what if you go further along the track?

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  3. Wow those tracks and cars are amazing! (Honestly i really liked a lot this Toy World 3, because it reminds me Toy World 2 a bit and looks so nice!) Also great job everyone, who made these!

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  4. Thanks for hosting this and great job everyone, was nice to get back to creating. Lovely pictures aswell, Rennstar looking pretty and ready for more updates. Cheers! ❤️

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