RVW Open 2022 Pack

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  • Skin for DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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  • Release date 2022-07-26
  • Version from 2022-07-26
  • Version 1.0
  • RVW-ID 33708
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    97/100 (15 votes)
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    This pack contains all entries of the Re-Volt World Open 2022. Some of the creations may be released as a stand-alone download by the creators later on. This pack won't be updated in the future, so be sure to check the main creations uploads for possible updates.



    • The download is splitted in 2 files. Part 2 contains Entry #10 and Entry #13, which should NOT be copied into an existing RVGL installation. Please follow the included readme instructions for installation and usage.
    • Part 1 is not 100% RVGL-Launcher compatible. 1) Either install the whole package manually, or 2) Install the package by using the RVGL Launcher, and afterwards move the <times> folder manually in your Launchers <save> directory. If not doing so, the ghost cars for Entry #18 are missing.



    • Entry #01: Sidewinder by Brotato The Badass Spud
    • Entry #02: Whiskers by Trixed
    • Entry #03: Big Shot! by Durtvan
    • Entry #04: RH-67 by LivingWithGames
    • Entry #05: Inverted by Paperman
    • Entry #06: Retro Raider by ccxr1984
    • Entry #07: Hamadryas Amphinome by polarfox_cw
    • Entry #08: Truck-kun by Phimeek
    • Entry #09: New Speedometer by actualtoaster
    • Entry #10: RVCG Card Game by Xarc
    • Entry #11: Alleyways Basic by Powerate
    • Entry #12: Nevermore by Tubers
    • Entry #13: Re-Volt Hardcore by Ahma and Erzu
    • Entry #14: Gungnir by TTDriver
    • Entry #15: Titan CV by Ghoster
    • Entry #16: Wipeout FX350 Ship Pack by Shara
    • Entry #17: Toys in the Hood Night Pack by Chris
    • Entry #18: Beehive Valley Challenges - Vol.1 by Kiwi
    • Entry #19: Wasteland 2 by FK02
    • Entry #20: Solstice by Ajax9312
    • Entry #21: Antigrav SC Pack by Keyran

3 comments on “RVW Open 2022 Pack

  1. I would love to see more events coming soon in the near future :)

  2. Again, a lot of awesome creations were made for a Re-Volt World event. :) That’s really cool. Hope I can test all entries properly before the voting deadline. So far my favourites are the Speedometer-replacement, the Gungnir car, and for sure Xarc’s Card Game. Let’s see which other gems I may explore during the next days.

    For my own entry – the Beehive Valley Challenges – I want to provide you a part of the README, which most people maybe won’t read, as it’s no stand-alone download for now. But I will for sure release it after the voting process is over. And as the title is suggesting already: There may come additional track-packs in the same style in the future. I already have a lot of creative ideas for some more complex parcours.


    On a lazy sunday afternoon Timothy the Mouse and Wolly the Sheep decided to battle their friend Emilio the Hedgehog in a set of time trial parcours located all around in Beehive Valley. You are Emilio! Can you beat Timothy and Wolly?

    + 5 time trial parcours with challenge times to beat
    + Emilio’s car and boat included
    + Ghost car times of Timothy’s and Wolly’s fastest tries included
    + Oldschool soundtrack by Heatley Bros

    Challenge Times:

    #01: 8 seconds // Timothy’s best: 08:010
    #02: 19 seconds // Timothy’s best: 18:953 – BEATEN
    #03: 35 seconds // Wolly’s best: 35:388
    #04: 12 seconds // Timothy’s best: 12:225
    #05: 20 seconds // Wolly’s best: 20:028


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