Ghost Town 1: Improved AI Nodes

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  • Release date 2023-08-31
  • Version from 2023-09-25
  • Version 1.3
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    Update v1.3: Added new pathing to Reverse and added jump wall nodes halfway up the beginning ramp , a common oil spot. This is to help CPU opponents stay on pace without getting stuck in a loop should a player place an oil there.

    Includes changes to both Normal and Reverse.

    "Improved AI Nodes" is designed to increase the difficulty of CPUs by refining the racing line and fixing key areas that cause cars to crash/spin out. Only AI nodes are touched. CPU performance is also dependent on the level of AI parameter optimization, so the overall challenge depends on what cars are the opponents. These new nodes should provide a moderate challenge for even experienced players. Improved nodes are not fully compatible with multiplayer and will tag the track as "CHT"; therefore, please disable this installation before racing online.

    Many of the rough edges in the track were fixed - AI will now prefer to drive through the saloon and general take faster routes. Areas with too many nodes were reduced, areas without enough were increased. Additional long routes and pickup routes were added in a couple places. Some of the more awkward repos nodes were deleted.

2 comments on “Ghost Town 1: Improved AI Nodes

  1. Practically speaking, any car that accelerates to 60+kmph too fast may have issues. Cars like Toyeca don’t have problems but some Super Pros like my Oskari Angel or Endo can end up overshooting.

    I decided not to be more conservative with speed caps since it will be a detriment to more cars than a benefit.


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