Toy World 1: Improved AI Nodes

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  • Release date 2023-07-14
  • Version from 2023-09-19
  • Version 1.1
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    Update v1.1: minor fix to pathing in Normal. Cars should fall off the ledge less often.

    Includes changes to both Normal and Reverse.

    "Improved AI Nodes" is designed to increase the difficulty of CPUs by refining the racing line and fixing key areas that cause cars to crash/spin out. Only AI nodes are touched. CPU performance is also dependent on the level of AI parameter optimization, so the overall challenge depends on what cars are the opponents. These new nodes should provide a moderate challenge for even experienced players. Improved nodes are not fully compatible with multiplayer and will tag the track as "CHT"; therefore, please disable this installation before racing online.

    Toy World 1 is a relatively simple track but the slippery surface can make cars spin out easily. The long gradual turns have too many nodes - as opposed to too little - which can make cars twitchy and overcorrect on turns. Overall node count has been decreased in such areas, while nodes were added at long straights for more repositioning areas. The first chicane-like turn has an improved racing-line and cars generally stay on the "cliff" ledge better. Landing is also a bit improved. Cars will now brake at the last large jump, which helps some cars land flat and also slows down pros/super pros enough that they won't hit the ceiling obstacle every time.

    Reverse has also recieved similar tweaks, with a faster racing line in the tunnel sections and chicane. More recovery paths have been added as well, in case cars go off course.

2 comments on “Toy World 1: Improved AI Nodes

  1. Very impressive work again. I had a lot of fun trying these new AI nodes. At a non-pickup race with Harvester I finished third and all 7 opponents finished within 4 seconds (!). I also did some pickup-races with Cougar on both the normal and R-version, and I was not able to win a single race. Awesome job here again, can’t wait for the next tracks!

  2. It’s not every day or rather, every year you see someone who understands AI nodes to such high degree.
    These nodes do provide a hard challenge, specially for stock cars or cars made for the AI to use. Keep ’em coming!


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