Toytanic 1/2: Improved AI Nodes

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  • Version 1.3
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    Update v1.3: Minor edit to overtake line in normal. Cars less likely to clip inner wall of a corner.


    Includes changes to both Normal and Reverse for Toytanic 1 and Toytanic 2

    "Improved AI Nodes" is designed to increase the difficulty of CPUs by refining the racing line and fixing key areas that cause cars to crash/spin out. Only AI nodes are touched. CPU performance is also dependent on the level of AI parameter optimization, so the overall challenge depends on what cars are the opponents. These new nodes should provide a moderate challenge for even experienced players. Improved nodes are not fully compatible with multiplayer and will tag the track as "CHT"; therefore, please disable this installation before racing online.

    Since both tracks are the exact same layout, they also share AI node compatibility. I just had to make some minor adjustments for Toytanic 2. There are a couple tricky turns I had to either slow AI down or let them crash, but otherwise, Toytanic is a pretty simple track for AI to navigate. I fixed some of the nodes so AI should no longer fling themselves into the lifesaver hoop or crash into the loungers. Conditional pathing was also adjusted with a couple new pickup routes and the removal of some bad ones.

3 comments on “Toytanic 1/2: Improved AI Nodes

  1. To be completely fair, I took a look at stock nodes in editing mode out of curiosity, exactly due to AI seemingly loving to crash into the loungers. I was honestly took by complete shock to see that the pathing was made there deliberately as one of paths for AI. Even though Re-Volt IS a casual game, putting that there just seems like a bit too much, especially since there’s also a rather horrible respawn point on there that puts the car in the air right at the perfect spot for a lot of the cars to simply land on the side of it with half of the car, sometimes putting the cars in an infinite respawning loop. I’m incredibly happy to see this track get proper improvements as well and get rid of the idiotic pathing straight into an obstacle.

  2. Some areas are left with less nodes because it’s actually beneficial for some of my test cars or leads to more varied ai behavior and at other times makes no practical difference.

    I’m not particularly focused on consistency for node density as long as I get the desired car behavior and the repos are not too far appart.

  3. Could be improved further by placing more nodes in the corners to smoothen the AI line. With this amount it is a very good job though. When racing against the AI it looks really good.


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