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Track Editor (Unity Edition)

Comment from Saturday, 12th November 2022

Weird, I'm trying to run it on Linux Mint Cinnamon which is based on Ubuntu

Track Editor (Unity Edition)

Comment from Friday, 11th November 2022

I realize it's a standalone version for the Windows version but is it also standalone for the Linux version? I'm having trouble getting it to work

jigebren’s Blender Plugin

Comment from Tuesday, 31st May 2022

Still one of the best Blender plugins available for Revolt/RVGL. It is especially helpful for loading a cars parameter file to check alignments of all the cars parts

POD Future Xtreme Pack
Car Pack

Comment from Monday, 2nd August 2021

Somehow you got my old logo stuck on this pack?!

At Home
Standard Track

Comment from Tuesday, 25th May 2021

It was not the first custom track made for Re-Volt but it was among the first few. The first custom track made for Re-Volt was Re-Ville by Spaceman. Which while not great by todays standards, is still one of the most inspired tracks for it's time. Spaceman also released quite a few lego tracks with custom textures and a texture pack for the track editor. But it was Ali with the RVGlue tools that made most of the custom tracks possible at the time. I used to have to use RVminis tools for most of my cars back then. Which by the way the last time I looked at the Re-Volt Wiki It said I arrived around 2005 but that's wrong, I bought Re-Volt new in December of 1999 and posted my first car in July of 2000 to the then website of Re-Volt Head Quarters and later most of them where posted at Racers Point. I miss those days, but life moves on.