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Semi-Pro Car

Comment from Saturday, 24th September 2022

I have nerfed Victoria. -reduced Top Speed from 36.1 to 35.5 mph -reduced Acceleration from 2.92 to 2.65 ms/2 -tweaked the inertia -made some adjustments to the handling of the car

Semi-Pro Car

Comment from Tuesday, 20th September 2022

Updated the mapping & Turbo Racing skin after an issue was discovered with it. Please redownload the car again. Thank you.

Phat Slug
Rookie Car

Comment from Sunday, 11th September 2022

I can confirm, tried Platinum Cup with RV Loco and Toyeca passed me with breeze.

Citywalker’s Expert AI tuning method

Comment from Sunday, 4th September 2022

A question - what situations will I find myself in that requires me to go higher (+1) on oversteering or understeering vehicles in later runs?

Demon Slayer
Amateur Car

Comment from Tuesday, 31st August 2021

This car is one of the best cars to come from the Summer Contest, it's very detailed and the parameters is very fun to drive with. PS: I thought this was going to be a tribute to 'Demon Slayer' from anime at first, judging by the name. :P

Amateur Car

Comment from Monday, 30th August 2021

Amazing car with a perfect stock-like skin, and the parameters is unique for a FWD car. This might be your best work so far. Keep up the good work!

Botania Terra
Lego Track

Comment from Thursday, 8th July 2021

This is actually a very good Lego track. It flows nicely and the scenery's good too. It goes to prove you that the in-game's track editor can be quite good if you import it into a 3D modeling software like Blender, and put more work on it.

Br444in Pollution
Lego Track

Comment from Thursday, 8th July 2021

10/10 completely throws me off. :hausderp: This would make a good All's Fair track.

Castle 1
Standard Track

Comment from Saturday, 19th June 2021

Just a heads up, some of your textures is in uppercases, which means it won't load in Linux systems. I loaded it for the first time and it's all pitch black, but after running fix_cases, it loaded fine now. You should change all your filenames to be lowercase to make it work on Linux.

ModernRV HUD

Comment from Friday, 4th June 2021

@Abracazuu22 the reason why almost all circuits don't work with ModernRV is that the authors has modified FXPage2 on their tracks. A notable example of this is Javildesign.