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    Are you tired of the outdated kiddie stuff that is the vanilla HUD? Then this HUD mod is for you! This mod overhauls the HUD to give it a more modern look to it, even the powerups logos got overhauled too!

    If you don't like it, a backup is included that contains the vanilla fonts (with Gotolei's gradients) and the vanilla FXPage2.

    Fonts used:
    Nyata FTR for menu/HUD font
    Ministro for header font
    Gatty for final position font

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7 thoughts on “ModernRV HUD

  1. @Abracazuu22 the reason why almost all circuits don’t work with ModernRV is that the authors has modified FXPage2 on their tracks. A notable example of this is Javildesign.

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  2. The hud itself and the entire interface has been renewed, giving a new environment to the whole game, it would be great if the hud of the weapons and the speed of the car looked the same on all circuits …

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  3. It’s Alright, I mean I just wanted to a hud to myself irl but this? Alternative! 5 Stars! (BTW my brother wants me to maybe you do a Grave Digger Monster Truck or Bigfoot)

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  4. Awesome work, Phimeek. Personally I will keep just the fonts and the borders, cause I would miss the standard weapon icons too much, but other than that it’s very well done! Hope to see more stuff like this in the feature.

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