Birthday Contest 2023 – Announcement

March 17th, 2023 – Hello again, Re-Volters!

It’s time to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Re-Volt World! Two years ago – mid March 2021 – Re-Volt World went online for the public. So we want to invite all Re-Volt/RVGL content creators again to the Re-Volt World Birthday Contest! Take a look how it went last year.

What is this?

Content creators can attend the contest by submitting a creation according to the contest themes.

After the deadline, there will be a public voting to determine the winners of the 3 categories.

In addition, you can gain Kudos by attending the Birthday Contest 2023!

  • Attending: You get 25 for attending each category.
  • Podium: Getting on a categories podium will give you 50 .
  • Winning: Winning a category are worth 100 !
Theme and Categories

Same as last year there are three different categories for the contest to join. However, the themes are different this year of course.

  • Category “Track”: Create a Lego or Lego Extreme track which is a sprint track.
  • Category “Car”: Create a car which has more than 4 wheels.
  • Category “Skin”: Create a skin which main colour is green and environment or climate protection themed.

General rules:

  • Deadline for submission is April 1st 15th 2023, 20:00 UTC.
  • Every creator can submit a maximum of ONE track, ONE car, and ONE skin. You don’t have to do all three, but you can if you like.
  • Collaborations are allowed. Every collab must have a main-author and a list of secondary-authors.
  • Used resources (if any) must be stated in an attached readme.
  • The creation must be unreleased. Please don’t upload your entries to Re-Volt World or any other websites before the voting is over.
  • You must not keep your entry secret till the deadline. But you can, if you wish.

Category “Track”:

Category “Car”:

  • The model of the car can be an original, but also remodels of existing cars are allowed.
  • The texture of the car can be an original, but can also be based on already existing paint jobs.
  • The parameters of the car can be original, but also can be based on an already existing car.
  • The cars visuals must contain more than 4 wheels. Examples for cars like that are: Scorcher 6×6, Panga TRLR, Ironclad Lou, or Abomin8r.
  • It’s not allowed to make a normal 4-wheeled car with a spare wheel on the back… ;) At least 5 wheels must touch the floor, or beeing part of a track-vehicle (like Turbo Katto).
  • Additional wheels can be part of a spinner (but don‘t have to)
  • Cars with 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 wheels are not allowed.

Category “Skin”:

  • The skins main colour must be green.
  • The texture can be an original, but can also be based on already existing paint jobs.
  • Here are some examples for paintjobs which would fit the rules (for the colour – not the theme): Limeline, Paramedic, Utah #46, PumaRVZT, Shockwave, Green Goblin, …
  • The overall theme of the paintjob has to be environment- or climate-protection themed.
Submit your entry

Submit your entry by using the upload function down below.

  • Only visible for logged in users!
  • You can upload zip, rar or 7z files.
  • The maximum file size is 999 MB.
  • You can use the upload function as often as you wish! Upload updated versions of your creations anytime. We will have a look at the uploads manually, and just consider the latest version, if there are more.
  • If you want to add some information together with your upload, please use the comment field left to the upload button.

Uploads are closed. The voting will start soon!

34 comments on “Birthday Contest 2023 – Announcement

  1. We got A LOT of uploads the last hours before the deadline, so in the end the extension was a really good decision. If everything goes well the voting can start later today, maybe around late evening UTC. Thanks to all participants, and stay tuned everyone!

  2. Hello, everyone. There are about 12 hours left till the deadline for submissions. If you havn‘t uploaded your creation or sent a polished version of your already submitted entry, it‘s now time to do so! After the deadline we will check all the entries and prepare the public voting. Stay tuned!

  3. The deadline is just around the corner, I hope you will do your best until the end and get a good result
    I am looking forward to the contest entries. ;)

  4. The extension was a good idea. This allowed me to improve the AI Nodes and the Track Zones in order to make a track more presentable. My track needed these adjustments. It’s not perfect, but I won’t have time for it in the next few days.
    I am proud of what I have done, even if it deserves to be improved.

  5. Well, I’m in the game now. I’ll push a car and maybe a skin too if I can. 2 weeks should be enough for me at this moment. Thanks for the extension, RVW team!

  6. @Re-Volt World Wow! I was just about to upload my car and saw this. Thank you for listening to the users. By the way, I have also already uploaded my track. And since the deadline has been extended, I will try to make a skin.

  7. The deadline got extended to April 15th, 2023.
    @TheGreenJ: The voting would still be held, but we already have enough submissions for each category anyway.
    Current uploads: 5 Skins, 7 Cars, 5 Tracks

  8. Skin pushed – my creativity block wasn’t up to par this time, but at least I pushed what I could. The time was tight, so in life, things can be unexpected, like it or not. Posssibly not many entries, but good luck to all regardless.

  9. 2 weeks for creative work with zero experience is borderline impossible time limit. Not everyone are in a situation they can do their submissions in such a low time. Personally I had to sacrifice A LOT to make the time limit.

  10. Let me ask… If a contest has less than four submissions in at least one category at the deadline, wouldn’t we have one or three winners overall instead of three winners in each category, or would it end in an automatic draw with no public vote?

  11. i would’ve created something but i cant due to me being busy

    good luck to all of the participants tho

  12. I might cut short for my skin, but to make up for TT unable to participate, I was able to push my own car for the contest. Best of good luck for the rest!

  13. I’m not efficient enough to finish my works in time, so I’ll sit this one out. I’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries!

  14. Even though I’ve already finished my track and almost finished my car, I still agree NotDaijoubu and Phimeek. In the last contest, the time was more than a month, iirc. But this year it’s only 2 weeks.

  15. I agree with NotDaijoubu. I feel like the deadline is too short for this contest. I think you should at least have the deadline be in 3 weeks to a month, so it gives us more time to enter our content for future contests. I’m having a extreme case of procrastination all week, and it’s affecting my work on my entry, but I’ll try to finish it before the deadline.

  16. I will not be participating due to time constraints but I wish the best for everyone who is!

    Personally, I feel the announcement and due date were spaced too close together, as I’m pretty slow with my releases and I’m unfortunately a bit busy this month. I hope to join in for the next event!

  17. @Ced! I think best would be to ask your technical related questions in one of the several Re-Volt related Discord servers.

    @everyone: There are about 4 days left till the deadline. Until now we got 4 skins and 2 cars submitted. We hope some more entries will drop in the next days – good luck in finishing your creations!

  18. Well, I’m not there yet, but there’s something with pos nodes ?
    Because when I look at some other sprint tracks in detail, I don’t understand how it works.
    It’s good for the “inf” file (I think). Gametype is 4, I’ve got the startpos and the endpos.
    Is this enough? When I get to the end of the track with the posnodes, there will be nothing more to do? No need to connect the last one to the first?

  19. The skins theme must be environmental protection or climate protection related. A continent theme alone does not match the requirements.

    But as a little hint and an example:

    While writing „South America“ on the skin including the image of the continents shape does not meet the theme, adding something like „Save the Amazonas Rain Forest“ would work. This is just an example, but it should give you a hint what we are aiming for with the theme.

  20. additional question i have: since the skin topic is green (environmental or climate protection) am i able to create a skin that is continent related or not?

  21. “If you want to add some information together with your upload, please use the comment field left to the upload button.”
    Will it be visible to everyone or only to the administration?


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