• Download count 186
  • Unique foldername nrf_phat
  • Skin for
  • Based on Endo
  • Release date 2023-03-06
  • Version from
  • Version 1.0
  • RVW-ID 36057
  • Category
  • Score
    83/100 (17 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Remodel
  • Engine Select an Option
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length m
  • Reverse version available?
  • Time trial times available?
  • Practice mode star available?

    Phatendo has arrived

    Piece of (s)lore:
    Toy-World Log N°69:
    -Sir, one of our Endo cars is eating other cars!
    -Good God-Volt in heaven! We need to do something. Quick, call Deez. He'll know what to do!
    -Deez who? Sir?
    *Log cuts out*

    This car is part of the PhatPlus Proj- 
    Nah, I'm kidding.

7 comments on “Phatendo

  1. Finally! My life long goal of beating platinum with Phat Slug is finally achieved!………….

    Okay, this abomination of a fusion is stupidly fun to drive and as mentioned, the body roll is an amazing touch! Really adds character.

  2. This is perfect – the body, the way the body rolls, the way it accelerates, the way it was mapped, everything is just right!

    10/10, the car of the year, any year!


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