Airport 1

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  • Unique foldername fdt16airport1
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  • Release date 2021-04-17
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  • RVW-ID 27192
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  • Score
    89/100 (36 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction 3D Modeling (Original)
  • Track difficulty Hard
  • Track length 612 m
  • Reverse version available? Yes
  • Time trial times available? Yes
  • Practice mode star available? Yes
  • Online multiplayer compatible?

    Difficulty: Hard
    Reverse mode: Yes
    Practice star: Yes
    Time Trial: 0:41:500 (normal) 0:43:000 (reversed) (both balanced around semi-pro class cars, tested with Adeon)

    Credits to Kipy for the awesome job with AI Nodes and other fixes to pos nodes and triggers
    Credits to Kiwi for testing the track and giving me feedbacks

    UPDATED: Fixed some issues with triggers and AI nodes

    UPDATED #2: Removed unintended shortcut, fixed trackzones, fixed collisions issues and added sweepcam

9 comments on “Airport 1

  1. About 2 years later, I think I’m gonna have to lower the rating to 3.7 stars overall, mainly after rethinking the raceline. On normal version of the track, it is incredibly, if not way too easy to win ahead of your opponents (if you are racing bots) due to last set of conveyor belts going up and down. They grant you a huge advantage and AI cars do not go there nearly enough, instead preferring the slower/right conveyor belt which slows them down quite a bit. This is an issue mostly noticeable in cars rated Rookie to Advanced and I kinda wish the track received an update that made AI prefer the left conveyor belt going upwards. This track is most challenging in Reverse mode due to the fact that it just flows much faster in conveyor belt areas but I do feel kind of disappointed in normal version on lower ratings due to what I have had mentioned. Otherwise, the track stays just as great as it was on day of original release.

  2. How to catch the star in practice mode? I saw in a video that cars can flip, but I don’t know if it’s available in this version? (Build 23. 0501a2).
    The track is one of my favorite.

  3. I just thought that another solution could be seeing if more AI nodes for the cars can be added on the conveyor belts so that the AI has easier time going around any obstacles on it. Again, the track could be better but it’s really solid, despite lower rating cars either not posing a huge challenge or some of them ending up hundreds of meters behind if an oil slick ends up on the conveyor belt, the longest one, going against the race direction.

  4. I realize the track is mostly made for higher rating cars but I feel like the conveyor belts, the long ones going in both directions shouldn’t be as strong/fast. As of right now, Rookie up to about Advanced cars can struggle to get past them, especially if they take the conveyor belts on right side which go down, against the flow of the track, even more so when you put up an oil slick there. Some stock cars such as Harvester and some custom ones can have pretty big issue with this. I hope there’s a chance for the track to be updated, but because of that fact I am forced to lower the raceline/flow rating to 4 stars. Overall rating 4.0.

  5. This is a really cool track. It is lacking a readme, but it was published in April of 2021 by Xarc, with minor updates later, most recently in June. Kipy made the AI nodes and helped out with some other stuff.
    The track looks really good, and is fun to play. It has a unique gimmick which sets the tone for a lot of the track: the conveyor belts. When there are two, the one on the left always moves in the direction of the race, and the one on the right against it. I really like that: it makes it easy to learn to deal with them. That said, I have not played this track much yet, so I’m quite a novice at it. It is fun to learn, but when I did my first race I got confused because there are a nicely modelled supermarket and toy-world part, and both aren’t used in the track at all. They are nice background detail, I suppose, but because they aren’t walled off I thought I had to go there. Oh well, it is easily remembered not to go there on future races.
    I think this track has perfect length. It is very coherent, and varied enough, and it is not so long that the gimmick gets tiring.
    Very good job, Xarc!


  6. It was a pleasure working on both tracks. I was glad Xarc asked me to help him in nodes, and I found fun to work on them.
    On both tracks I like the reversed version more, cuz they come with more fun and extra challenge. AI became surprisingly competitive on both, but still it depends on what cars you play with and those cars have the proper AI Settings. If not, they of course tend to slip out more frequently.
    Both tracks visually remarkable, raceline is fun, and the two Airport track work fine and smooth on my potato PC as well.
    Amazing job, Xarc!

  7. Oh YES, finally it’s out! This is one of the best custom tracks released for Re-Volt since 1999, and the best track released since the Fairground tracks. Everything is perfect here. There is not a single thing I would make different myself. (Except one thing maybe, but I will talk about it later.) The graphics are perfect. As Mighty said, they look like straight out of 1999. I love all the small details. I always mentioned, that your tracks lack in details (for my personal favour), but now you reached the perfect balance in my opinion. The references to stock tracks, the posters, the small jumps everywhere, the fun staircase belts….the small oncoming traffic sections for some extra action – everything is perfect here!

    I know we talked about the music at one point of the beta-phase, but I can’t remember anymore what the talk was about. Personally I would have chosen a fitting, stock-like original music track for the end-product, to give the track an even more unique touch. But this don’t stop me in giving a overall 5 star rating for Airport 1.

  8. The aviation industry is in brutal crisis right now so a sudden appearance of airport tracks may make some hearts race. Of course this concept has been done several times before but these two new pieces have the most authentic vibe. Also combined with the use of stock instances like Schools or Botanical Court. Lot of atmosphere, nice flow (tho it may be really easy to avoid obstacles with lower classes). Almost got Metro-Volt vibe at one point of this track. To sum it up, luvly works on both of dem. Kinda hopin to be able to race with miniatures of dem background vehicles from the second track, if I don’t count RV Air and Skarma’s Toyota. (And yes, beautiful playable planes too.) Keep it up, RV god.

  9. Track style takes you right back to 1999 – feels like it should have been bundled with the original game.

    Amazing work as usual Xarc! :)


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