Hood Frontend: Winter

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  • Release date 2021-12-06
  • Version from 2021-12-07
  • Version 1.1
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    RVGL 20.0210a (or newer) required!

    This is the winter version of the Hood Frontend. The Hood Frontend was the very first fully functional custom frontend for Re-Volt, using all the possibilities RVGL introduced for frontend customization in the last years. Navigate the main menu through the iconic Toys in the Hood starting area, in the modern version I initially made for the use in my track "School's Out!".


    Just install the frontend like you do with normal custom tracks: Copy the downloaded files in your RVGL directory. After restarting RVGL, you have a new menu-entry in options named "Frontend". Here you can switch to the Hood Frontends. You can switch back to the Default Frontend whenever you like.

    Major features of the Hood Frontend:

    • Stock-like design pared with modern graphics (shadows, lot of details,...)
    • Completely functional (Name wheel, car preview, trophy ceremony,...)
    • New frontend music track
    • You can choose between a PC- and a DC- box layout
    • Support for RVGL's new Custom Cup feature
    • In the Winter version, the main area and all the camera zooms are exactly the same as in the spring-, summer- and autumn versions of the frontend. Only the details are changed to fit the season.


    Video preview (Showing version 1.0 - with darker sky than in version 1.1):

7 comments on “Hood Frontend: Winter

  1. A bit late comment, but still. This is also my favorite Frontend, like Xtreme. I love winter, so I really liked it. iirc I used this Frontend even in the summer, because of its atmosphere. I really like the idea of a garage, shadows, models, in general, everything that is in this Frontend. And most importantly, it’s based on one of my favorite tracks – School’s Out 2, and also, this area is based on Toys in the Hood 1. I would like to see more such high-quality and original Frontends.
    Also, Kiwi, we are waiting for another winter gift from you ;)
    Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Wow4UbJ6KJk

  2. I’ve released an update for the frontend with only one small change included: The sky is brighter and should be more realistic now. Thanks to Dummiesman and BloodBTF for the hint. Please re-download, if you would like to have the newest version.


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