Simple Frontend: Red

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  • Release date 2021-09-04
  • Version from 2023-09-30
  • Version 1.1b
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    This is a frontend in minimal and clean style. Trophy ceremony is working. The whole frontend has below 20 polygons. Comes with custom menu navigation sounds, replacing the toy-like sounds from the default frontend. Beside the menu navigation, there is no SFX. Menu music is default Redbook 0.

    The frontend comes with high-res carboxes for the stock cars, made by Xarc.

    Beware: The car you've chosen is visible from the time on when you've selected it for the first time. Sadly, the car from the last session won't be remembered by RVGL after starting. Would be a cool RVGL feature, hm? ;) Hello, Huki! :D


    Just install the frontend like you do with normal custom tracks: Copy the downloaded files in your RVGL directory. After restarting RVGL, you have a new menu-entry in options named "Frontend". Here you can switch to the new Frontend - search for "Simple Frontend: Red". You can switch back to the Default Frontend whenever you like.

    Have fun!

    Version 1.1b Changes

    • Updated README (Permissions/Copyright)

3 comments on “Simple Frontend: Red

  1. The car appears after it was loaded for the first time. So if you go to the car selection screen, select a car, and then you go back to the main menu screen, you will see it. Sadly the last chosen car won’t be “remembered” after a race, or after restarting RVGL. So you have to choose another car until you can see it again.

    Sorry for this, but this behaviour is hardcoded in RVGL at the moment. I was not able to work-around it. I already made a forum-post and suggested to change this in one of the next RVGL versions. Let’s see. :)

  2. I’ve released an day-one update for the red frontend. Vas0sky notified me, that it’s possible to also adjust the blue loading screens and replace them with red ones. I’ve done this in the new version. Also, I’ve adjusted the red tone a bit so it fit the Re-Volt logo better. Please re-download the new version.


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