Get Air

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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2020-12-05
  • Version from 2020-12-12
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    92/100 (16 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Remodel
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    Original model used was the 1957 Chevy Bel Air in one of Zool's car packs, with some(...) adjustments!

    Akin to Rice Ball, the inspiration came from a car concept from the Re-Volt RC Stories Project, a percursor to the ongoing Overcharged Project headed by Pirog -

    Includes two skins, both drawing inspiration from concept images.

    Name suggested by burner94. Thanks man! :)


    Get Air:

    Class: Rookie

    Max Speed: 32 mph


    Hope you enjoy! :)

    Skins for Get Air

    57, by LukaVolt
    Americano, by LukaVolt
    Air78, by LukaVolt
    West Star, by LukaVolt
    GROB, by LukaVolt

2 comments on “Get Air

  1. Jesus Christ, this thing is absolute ginormous, an absolute unit for a car, basically a floppy monster Bel Air, in which the car’s name here, isn’t too far off from what it is in reality, big, menacing, with very, VERY soft suspension, makes this for one of the funnest cars to throw in Rookie!

    Or so I thought. I’m….not a fan, or am good with it. It is more recommended with bumpy, wide tracks in mind, tight tracks with also a lot of tight corners, this thing suffers. Sure it has a high top speed of 32 MPH for the class, but this thing is an absolute hog to turn. And when you get hit with pickups, it just flops all over the place.

    The pros of Get Air get to see it’s true magic, but this ain’t it for me. As a critic, not a fan, but I can see the joy in this one.

  2. Get Air’s looks might be intimidating but it is quite fragile when it comes to racing. Even though Get Air’s acceleration is THE BEST in rookie class it is quite hard to utilize this strength: In the starts where acceleration could be used as an advantage Get Air will almost always get blocked by its competitors because of its big size. Rockets and balloons have surprisingly big effect on the car even though its weight is huge for rookie class (2,7 kg). The reason behind this is probably the lack of grip and stability in the car. Recovering from crashes is also not easy since the car has a tough time changing directions quickly.

    Get Air is a really unique car with its soft suspension and wobbly driving. It will always be an experience to drive this car whether you’re a pro or a casual. It’s strengths are in acceleration and soft suspension. These strengths are easiest to utilize in tracks with a lot of elevation changes and tracks with an uneven terrain (for example the sewer in Holiday Camp: California). Weaknesses of the car are its difficult handling and big size which make the car an easy target for pickups. Only a true driver will find success with this car which make this car one of the most interesting ones in the rookie class. 5/5


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