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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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    This car is part of the Abandoned Designs Project.

    On the 09/10/2018, a small group of users decided to set up a dedicated Discord channel to recreate some original designs from the game, using concept sketches, development files, and other original resources as a base.

    As the project slowly grew, more people decided to hop by and lend a hand with their creativity and insights, leading to more than 70 new cars being created!

    The included cars are the product of the hard work, commitment and passion that handful of creators put into this project, culminating on the release of one of the biggest "expansion packs" seen to date.

    You can get the full pack from here:

    Abandoned Designs Project

    Based on Tesla

    Xylophone, by Trixed

1 comment on “Tesla

  1. Most chilled car ever. With the Tesla, RVGL will become a much less hectic experience.

    Super solid handling. Very nimble. When driven with careful turns, the Tesla rarely betrays. If it slides, well, that’s 3kg going to slide where they want. But that should rarely happen.
    Races are diffcult with the Tesla. The acceleration is on Phat Slug niveau. It’s specialised for high-speed tracks of course, although even there, the top speed advantage kicks in really late to be viable against the competition in Rookie class.

    The shape of the car looks like the creation of an AI. Out of place things… what’s this drill at the back? Why is the spaceship built so high off the ground? Having the front axle being much narrower than the rear has some undesireable effects on touching walls. It makes the car lean in, so it sticks its nose towards the wall. All in all, fair stats with obvious advantages and disadvantages.


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