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    Skin of Cougar


    • New colors, red and blue.
    • The roof stickers are centered.
    • Some stickers were changed or readjusted, so that they reflect well on both sides.


    Update 2:

    • Vektor decal is now centered.


6 comments on “Ghost

  1. Jaw-dropping skin, Tacita. This instantly propelled itself to the top of my personal favorite skins, stock AND otherwise.

  2. Wow! This skin is absolutely phenomenal. Every decal is put together in a clever way and the colours are great to look at. Superb job! :)

  3. Great changes! Two colour variations is something I did not expect. Now this skin is absolutely top tier.

    / although I see one small detail that could be improved, the “VECTOR” text above the rear lights seems to be not centered, visually it looks to me it is positioned slightly to the left, the centerline of the car seems to be somewhere between the T and O letters rather than in the middle of the text, that would be between K and T. But I am not 100% sure on that /

  4. I really like this skin. The front and rear lights are a fantastic, unique design. The colour scheme is dull, grey colours are not for me. But a great skin overall.

    But I think there might be two errors in it: on the rear of the car, above the rear lights there is a text “ROTKEU”, but it is mirrored. Also, under the rear wing, there is a text “TURBO.sys” and “4EA”, which are also mirrored. Either it should be fixed, or something else should be put in there that would be either readable, or wouldn’t be a text at all.

    I also think the “pause music” (or whatever) logo on the top of the car is not centered, though it could be and I think should be.

    On the front, the “WOP” text above the white triangles gets mirrored wrongly on one of the sides, it could be just omitted, the WOP text is present on another part of the car. It would be tidier in my opinion, rather than being readable from one side and mirrored on the other. Similar situation is on the rear-side corner of the car with the “ZEF” logo, although same situation is present on the stock skin. Some colour sticker that gets mirrored correctly could be put there, or just not a text or even nothing could be placed there.


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