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    Hi! I decided to make a Lego cup for Re-Volt. I have collected the best Lego (Lego-Extreme) tracks in my opinion. There are:

    Dead Meadows Railroads by Allan 1.

    Pipeline by Yamada.

    Country Nightz by Gibbler.

    Steam Factory by Bak95.

    All tracks are already available in the cup file!

    Just take the rookie car and enjoy! ( Please don't take a light car because of the last track)

4 comments on “Lego Cup

  1. Nice picks!
    Surprised to see people don’t know Pipeline. I consider it quite a classic, on the same level as The Catacombs (unless you’re going to tell me that these days people don’t know that either?? :P).

  2. Nice idea! It’s a good way to discover some good Lego tracks! And just like Kiwi and Ahma I had never played any of these tracks before.
    The first track seems more interesting with faster cars, but I still give full 5 stars because it can encourage the player to play the track again. I should try it with a Pro car one day.

    Maybe you could also make a cup for kit tracks?

  3. Not playing any of these tracks before I had lots of fun! I played with Phat Slug and managed to bring it home but I had to use one try in tracks 2 and 3. These tracks also showed me many things I didn’t know about lego tracks!

  4. That’s a really nice cup. I had a lot of fun, especially since I didn’t knew any of the 4 tracks included. I’m in general a noob when it comes to Lego or Lego Extreme tracks – after playing this cup, I definitely want to try out more of these tracks.

    In track 1, 3 and 4 the AI was really good and I had a hard time with my RC Bandit, but I managed to win the cup in the end.


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