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  • Unique foldername superdriver
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  • Based on DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
  • Release date 2022-08-26
  • Version from 2022-09-09
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  • RVW-ID 34069
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    89/100 (19 votes)
  • Unconventional car?
  • Construction Original
  • Engine Glow
  • Transmission 4WD
  • Top speed mph
  • Total weight kg
  • Acceleration m/s²
  • Construction
  • Track difficulty
  • Track length m
  • Reverse version available?
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    A while ago Tubers reached out to me showing this great Hoonicorn-styled mesh, asking me if I could make details for it once it was mapped and all... needless to say I got permission to go a bit overboard with it :P the details draw inspiration from several Mercury cars like the Cougar Eliminator and the Cyclone Spoiler.

    The model is largely intact compared to the original, barring some optimisation on the turbos and around the fender flares. Parameters and skins (including a baked pattern one!) are a joint effort. Engine sound from NFS Shift 2.

    Comes with a PSD paintkit as per usual - I felt like including several separated layers this time for extra customisation, e.g. a version of the windows layer with no sunstrip.

    It might not be the most competitive thing in the world, but it's tuned with absurd acceleration and fast powersliding in mind. Just don't overcook it on Supermarket 2's ice area...

    EDIT Sep 9, 2022: Superdriver now features custom AI details by Ato. Everything else was unchanged. Thanks man!

12 comments on “Superdriver

  1. Can’t really wish for a better powersliding experience in Revolt than what this car offers. Having a grippy feel yet high bias for oversteer makes Superdriver one of the best “drift” parameter I have had the pleasure to drive.

  2. If Re-Volt had a proper sequel (RC Revenge is only a spin-off, is a bit too different from Re-Volt, and is a PS1 exclusive. Re-Volt 2, while pretty good, still didn’t have enough changes from the first game, didn’t last long, and was riddled with microtransactions. I’m pretty sure we all agree Re-Volt 3 was hot garbage), the cars should all have this level of polish and detail. That’s just how good this thing is.

  3. I love this thing! The model and paintjob were done beautifully and are completely different from any other car I’ve seen on this site. The stats aren’t really my type, but great nonetheless.

  4. Hi.
    This is one of the difficult cars that the default AI fails miserably to run. So I used the lost art of AI tuning: Citywalker’s Expert AI tuning method.
    Open the parameters.txt, scroll to the end and insert this into the Car AI details section:

    ; Car AI details
    ; Tuned with Citywalker’s Expert AI method

    AI { ;Start AI
    UnderThresh 781.250000
    UnderRange 1 ; for simplicity
    UnderFront 0 ; must be 0, otherwise vehicles don’t move
    UnderRear 0 ; must be 0, otherwise vehicles don’t move
    UnderMax -2.0 ; oversteering, routed to oversteer code
    OverThresh 781.250000
    OverRange 1 ; for simplicity
    OverMax 2.0 ; oversteering, countersteers in curves
    OverAccThresh 5000 ; switched off for simpler tuning
    OverAccRange 0 ; not used now, because OverAccThresh is switched off
    PickupBias 3276
    BlockBias 3276
    OvertakeBias 16383
    Suspension 0
    Aggression 0
    } ; End AI

    This is the human-like tuning: preserves the car’s quirk: still powerslides (a bit too much sometimes), but gets to the finish line just fine, even at TITH2.

    If you want, you can also use 703.125000 for UnderThresh and OverThresh: this is pure inhuman AI: very straight-by-wire, pure business and no fun anymore, negating its overpowered powerslider quirk completely.

    Have fun :)

    (btw, the last five AI values are not changed; the first three affect only route selection and the last two may not do anything at all)


  5. For me, this car is an absolute hit, very polished and nice looking model with a very atractive texture, paired with parameters that truly makes this car a great and fun experience. This is a 10/10.

  6. Not a single bit of this car can be associated with the word “Simplicity”. You both went all-out in so many aspects that the only things reminiscent of Re-Volt that’s left in it is the car box and aerial. And hear me out, that’s no bad thing: More than a Re-Volt car, this is an interactive work of art; a fun one at it.

    5/5 Best collaborative effort between you two to date

  7. This car is something that I hate and love at the same time, and gets me conflicted whether to say this is a good car or too extreme for the game but god damn! It’s so good I can’t resist but say it’s a breath of fresh air.

    And perhaps take a peek into the params a bit because it really, really feels it’s on that weird area of being too good for Pros while not being good enough for Super Pros. Outstanding work though!

  8. The car has incredible high quality. Both the model as well the texture can’t be polished any better. But for my personal flavour this car looks a bit “too extreme” – at least for a RC-car. Or maybe it’s because of the engine sound, which make no sense to have in a RC-car? Anyway, the parameters are one of the best I saw in the last time. Overall a top-notch release, but it’s not something I will personally drive too often.

  9. This is one of the greatest cars I have driven in RVGL! It looks stunning too. With more top speed it could be a super pro. I’m certain that with these parameters it would be too op for pros in IO sessions.


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