Birthday Contest 2023 Pack

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  • Skin for DreamKaster’s Wacky R/Cs
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  • Release date 2023-04-16
  • Version from 2023-04-16
  • Version 1.0
  • RVW-ID 36372
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    96/100 (22 votes)
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    This pack contains all entries of the Re-Volt World Birthday Contest 2023 event. Some of the creations may be released as a stand-alone download by the creators later on. This pack won't be updated in the future, so be sure to check the main creations uploads for possible updates.



    • Windmills Hills Lego by Keyran
    • Fortress Sprint by rodik (Co-author: Ahma)
    • Lego Junction by Tubers
    • Space Opera by Ced!
    • Into The Cargo Plane by Paperman
    • Vuokkari Stadium by Ahma (Co-author: Zeino)
    • Highrise by yun (Co-author: EstebanMZ)



    • Blacklight by burner94 (Co-author: NotDaijoubu)
    • Pandemonium by Xarc
    • System-C by TTDriver
    • Raspy Haul by LivingWithGames
    • Piccino+ by NotDaijoubu
    • Mutant by rodik (Co-authors: Горячий Павел, Paperman)
    • Cleaner by motorhand
    • Pat Clancy Spl. by Kipy
    • Progetto 6WD by Norfair
    • Necrophagist by fr13ndz0n3dguy
    • Highway Mauler by Phimeek
    • Tranclucator 2 by Горячий Павел
    • Astro Arrow by Ghoster
    • Thrill 6X6 by Paperman
    • Toukka 4x4 by Zeino



    • for Starfire GT by NotDaijoubu
    • for Temptress by Prin
    • for Truck-kun by LivingWithGames
    • for Sprinter XL by FK02
    • for Chimera TC by Paperman
    • for Stinger by Remnats
    • for Toukka 4x4 by Zeino
    • for Phinix by Tubers


    Information: The pack download include the base cars for the skins.

8 comments on “Birthday Contest 2023 Pack

  1. The cleaning pads can be considered as wheels, especially since one of them is rotating and both are touching the floor. It was kind of a borderline situation, but we decided to accept this entry. Same goes for the Toukka 4×4 skin, by the way. It‘s green but not really environmental or climate protection related. But since the skin mimic a catterpillar, we decided to accept this entry as well. Regarding the comments on „Into the Cargo Plane“: The track is 100% based on a Lego track. Paperman stretched the limit as much as possible, but the single (edited) Lego tiles can be identified easily.

    By the way:

    There are ~ 30 hours left till the voting ends! Be sure to make your votes, if you have not done so far.

    At the moment about 45 users gave their vote already.

  2. “Into the Cargo Plane” is so detailed and different that I can’t really consider it a LEGO track, it is very developed upon if the base was a lego track.
    It’s like he put another “Extreme” into the “Extreme LEGO track” terminology. If nobody told you it’s a lego track (is it?) then everyone would think it’s a normal custom track. Masterpiece.

  3. Another contest has ended, which means it’s time for my long comment, in which I will indicate the creations that I liked the most. I want to say right away that everyone did a great job and made an effort to make their tracks, skins or cars look very good.


    Vuokkari Stadium. Very well done, Ahma and Zeino! I like the flow, the snow coming everywhere. But there is a disadvantage in this snow. It loads the computer heavily. Even with my not weak computer, the game sometimes freezed. But overall, I liked the track.

    Windmills Hills Lego. I liked this track too, as I played on Windmill Hills 1 and 2. I noticed that shading, in the form of vertex paint. There are a couple of splits on the track, and I like that too.

    Space Opera. Yes, this track has a very confusing racing line. But there is also a feature – custom gravity. At the moment, I don’t remember any tracks with this feature. Also, I’m not a fan of classics (but a fan of dubstep lol), I liked the music.

    Fortress Sprint. I’m not talking about the part that I did (it’s up to the players to judge), but about the part that Ahma did. Namely, AI Nodes. AI is really strong now. I say once again a huge thank you to Ahma for this.

    Highrise. Nice racing line. You can go wherever you want without getting confused. This is something from the Toy World: RC Arena series, but it’s hard to understand where to go there iirc. Also, I noticed that the track dirs never broke.

    Lego Junction. Thanks Tubers for taking the responsibility to make the biggest track lol (I made the shortest one this time). The race track is not too hard, but it is diverse, and the music is not annoying.

    Now, as for Into The Cargo Plane by Paperman. I would say it looks very little like a Lego track. Maybe it’s a little unfair. But still, I am ready to admit that this track is made very competently and well. I like the idea and the theme. All these animations, particles… Very good! But the track may be confusing due to the lack of Track Dirs.


    Necrophagist. Great job, FZG! I like this model and skins.

    Tranclucator 2. A more stable car than the Tranclucator. I really like the idea. Красиво.

    Blacklight. I think it was this car that I liked the most of all. Wow! It’s very beautiful.

    Thrill 6X6 and Astro Arrow. I liked the models. How smoothly the flame appears in Astro Arrow… Thrill 6X6 has some interesting skins.

    Toukka 4×4. Very good concept! But I probably would like to see more interesting skins.

    The other cars are also very good!
    Skins: I liked them all, and I don’t think it makes sense to describe each one. Everyone sees everything anyway.
    And if I didn’t name someone’s creations, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like them. There are a lot of them this time and I don’t have the strength to describe each one.
    Edited: I almost forgot to say thank you to those who vote for my creations! I am very pleased.

    Well, now I want to express my special gratitude to RVW Team. Thank you for holding this contest after all. I was waiting for it and my expectations were met. I was interested in creating a track and a car. This was my first experience with a Sprint track and a 6-wheeler. Also, before the start of the contest, I didn’t think that I would return to Lego tracks, and now I even have new ideas. I, and all of us, will be waiting for a new contest from RVW! >:D

  4. Here is one thing I wanted to add. There were two parameter files that are included in the pack. one with a capital letter and the other without one. This will read fine on Windows but for Linux users: just delete the capital P parameters text file. Enjoy!

  5. After a first lap, I realize that it will be hard to vote. I would have preferred a system with several possibilities as for the track of the year, because there is a lot of plurality and quality.

  6. I still have to test the entries in more detail, but I think most creations have awesome quality. I am really surprised about the big amount of track-submissions this time, also. Papermans track is insane good quality – seeing the scenery the first time made me speechless. But also the other tracks are really nice. The skins theme was not that interesting this time, which resulted in a quite low amount of submissions for this category. But overall a really good pack of creations, for this years BC! Good job everyone!


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