Port Limano 2 – Improved Textures

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    This is Track Mod, which contains some improved textures. In the Port Limano track, the main visual problem was some low-resolution textures and with a black outline around the edges. I fixed this by increasing the resolution of the textures to 1024 and replacing them. I was even lucky enough to come across some textures that benderfan3124 used, but in high resolution ;)

    This is Online multiplayer compatible version. You won't get a CHT tag. The game does not accept edited textures and small changes in the world as wrong version. I added transparency to the faces for a better look.

    So, what textures have been changed:

    • Plants, grass and leaves
    • The gate
    • Newspapers
    • Drying clothes
    • Graffiti
    • Fruits, vegetables, fish
    • Antennas on the roofs of houses
    • Islands
    • The globe
    • Boat steering wheel
    • Chain
    • Geese
    • Mesh fencing on the ship



    This download is "unofficial", and not related to the original creator - benderfan3124 - in any way. Unfortunately, I could not contact the author, so if you are benderfan3124 and do not want this track mod to exist, you can contact me in Discord or in the comments below (:

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