Rooftops: Improved AI Nodes

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    Inspired by NotDaijoubu's Toy World 2: Improved AI Nodes I decided to make my AI Nodes for stock tracks. I chose Rooftops because when I was making the Rooftops Cup, I found that the AI on this track is very weak, and the reposition does not work correctly.

    So, this version contains improved Ai Nodes for the normal and reverse version. AI is stronger now and there is a reposition at almost every step, which was not there before.

    Improved nodes are not fully compatible with multiplayer and will tag the track as "CHT".

    Thanks to Ahma and NotDaijoubu for testing and feedback.

    If you have any suggestions or you want to improve AI Nodes, feel free to write a comment at the bottom or contact me at Discord. I would really appreciate it.

    26.09.23 The nodes have been improved, thanks a lot to Not Daijoubu

6 comments on “Rooftops: Improved AI Nodes

  1. Not bad and definitely better than the stock nodes, but other with the new AI nodes for Toy World 2 and Supermarket 1 I was able to win on Rooftops every time on several tries (pickups disabled), sometimes even with not very performant cars like Volken Turbo. I’m really no expert with AI nodes, but I hope you can find improvements somewhere, for possible future updates. :)

  2. @CHKRZ – main problem is how slippery Chase Redux R is. Revolt AI is very simple and performs much worse on loose surfaces because the cannot pre-emtively start slides to account for bad traction. Also given how some cars have a lot of grip (i.e. Stinger) while others like Sprinter XL have very poor grip, it would be hard to make a racing line that accounts for both extremes of grip on slippery surfaces, where the difference is more pronounced.

  3. I and Jesus tested the ai on rooftops before comparing it to rooftops 1 and found that while on rooftops 1 it worked fine on rooftops cars would sometimes run into walls and get stuck on ramps leading the ai to often fail. Tried this fix and cars no longer get stuck 200m behind! Good Job Rodki!
    Now only if someone could remake the rooftops chase R nodes…

  4. This is great, but there’s one spot between buildings where a Rookie car such as Harvester can get stuck between. I have no idea how it happened, but it created infinite respawning and falling between the gap between buildings at one jump in an infinite loop so the AI was stuck on lap 3/5 for whole race.


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