Toys in the Hood 1: Shadows of Objects

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  • Track Mod for Toys in the Hood 1
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  • Release date 2024-04-28
  • Version from 2024-05-18
  • Version 1.1
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    97/100 (12 votes)
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  • Online multiplayer compatible? Yes


    This mod adds shadows from objects, in the same way as it was done in School's Out. It also includes changes to Lights, so that shadows also affect cars.

    This is Online multiplayer compatible version. You won't get a CHT tag.

    Have fun!

5 comments on “Toys in the Hood 1: Shadows of Objects

  1. @burner94 Thanks for your comment. I finally got the time and changed some shadows so that they have the same color as my mod.
    I also noticed that then I archived the wrong .lit file, so it was the same as in the original Toys in the Hood and the new shadows from objects were not affected the car in any way. Now I have fixed it and put the file that I was editing. So, version 1.1 can be downloaded now.
    @kiwi @Xtreme @Zloy_Yarik Also thanks for the comments!

  2. Great idea and very well executed!

    The overall “WOW”-effect after installing this mod is very subtle because the general amount of decoration (like trees, plants) is very low in Hood 1. But hey, it was 1999 … RAM was expensive and CPU’s was just about to hit the 1 GHz sonic wall :)

  3. Really neat idea – I just wish the “cut-in” shadows from the base game’s .w file were either removed, redone with the same method or at the very least made the same colour/opacity – as it currently sits, they kind of stand out.

    Really appreciate the effort though, wish more tracks made use of this, even from the very start. :)


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